Shannen and Kyle

How We Met

I was just about to graduate college and head off on the adventure of a lifetime teaching English in Hungary. As much as I had loved college, I could’t wait to get out and take on the world- the furthest thing from my mind was a relationship. Three of my girlfriends and I went out to a bar near school for a low keys girls evening. The bar we wanted to go to was full to capacity so we sauntered down a ways to one I had never heard of before. After we sat down, a guy approached us and said, “what are you ladies doing here without drinks?” Just trying to enjoy one last night out with my girlfriends, I found this quite obnoxious…until I noticed the quiet, shy (and totally handsome) friend behind him.

As the two of them sat down, I could see Kyle sneaking looks my way, but he sat so far away from me that we didn’t talk much. Finally, his friend happened to mentioned that Kyle played baseball in college. Ah Ha! This was my in. I am a huge baseball friend, and grew up going to Angels games with my dad I whipped out my Angels debit card (you know, to prove that I was a die-hard) and struck up a conversation. Our Mariners/Angels rivalry began that night. Kyle is the shy type, so by the end of the night he still hand’t asked for my number. Luckily, the gin and tonic I had kicked in just enough for me to get the guts to ask for his. He texted me the next day and asked to take me on a date to the Angels vs. Mariners game. Despite leaving to move across the globe in just a few short months, I knew this was a chance I had to take. My move to Hungary ended up being the most difficult, trying time of my life and Kyle was my rock through it all. He stayed by my side through two years of a long distance until we could finally be together in Seattle.

how they asked

We connected through our shared love of baseball. Born and raised in Southern California, I am a die-hard Angels fan. Kyle has been a Mariners fan since before he could walk. For our first date, Kyle invited me to “watch the Mariners dominate the Angels.” Fast forward three years later, the Mariners were once again facing the Angels at Safeco Field. Kyle suggested that my family (also Angels fans) fly up to come meet his family and all of us go see a game together. Throughout the game, I noticed him texting his friend Landon, whose sister works for the Mariners. Kyle showed me a text that said, “Hey I told Mandy that you and your girl’s families are here meeting for the first time and she thinks she can get you all on the field for a group photo.

I was excitedly shrieking, telling my dad and my sisters (who obviously knew what was about to happen). I was so star struck as we walked down to the field that I didn’t notice Kyle clutching his right pocket. As we began snapping a bunch of group photos, I grabbed Kyle and said, “I want one of us two.” After Mandy took the picture, she said, “Ok, is there anything else?” That’s when Kyle turned to me, grabbed both of my hands, and said, “actually there’s one more thing.” He looked into my eyes and told me how our journey began in this exact spot 3 years ago, how it’s been such an incredible ride, and how he wanted that ride to continue for the rest of our lives…

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