Shannah and Mason

Wedding Proposal Ideas in On a hidden bridge in our hometown, Rome, Ga

How We Met

We have gone to school together ever since the 5th grade. In the 7th grade, I had this insane crush on Mason. I even had a “code name” for my friends to talk about him. The code name was “ME” because his initials are M.E. I still have notes that I wrote to my friends that said, “I am going to marry ME one day.” “I love ME, myself and I”. So time passes and junior year rolls around. I have dated other people and so has he. We both shared a close friend and one day I and John (the mutual friend) were talking about him and his girlfriend that was one of my good friends at the time. I said, “John if y’all get married…make sure I and Mason walk down the aisle together.” John said, “oh you like mason? I am going to fix that up for you. Y’all need to date.” Little did I know, if it wasn’t for that conversation we wouldn’t be where we are now. John actually sets us up on a date and from there it was history. We were madly in love for a year and a half. Yes, we had problems from time to time, and one day the problems took over our relationship. We broke up for a few months and saw other people during our first year of college.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in On a hidden bridge in our hometown, Rome, Ga

I knew deep down inside that I still loved him with all of my heart. We rekindled after finding out we were going to the same college and actually had a class together! One day, we were texting and we wanted to hang out. So we met up after the class and drove to the next city over to hang out. We didn’t want any one to see us at the time to get rumors started. (Living in a small town, word travels FAST) After that one day of hanging out, I KNEW I wanted to be with him forever. He was the missing piece that has been gone for a few months. We took things slow for a month or two, which was the best decision ever. Now we are 7 1/2 years into our relationship and it couldn’t be better. About a year ago, we started talking about marriage and that we should take the next step. I was READY to move forward with our relationship. For the past year, I was so impatient waiting for the day he got down on one knee. Little did I know that it was all worth the wait!

Proposal Ideas On a hidden bridge in our hometown, Rome, Ga

How They Asked

The day Mason proposed was like no other. I was not expecting it at all. We both worked that morning. Little did I know, my boss, my family, his family, and my best friend was involved with the whole proposal. My boss changed my schedule and her reasoning was our District Manager was coming that day and I needed to work earlier. She also made me go get my nails done on my break the day before because I broke my nail at work that day. (MY LUCK) So, I got off of work thinking we were going to eat in the next city over at a nice restaurant. While we were driving, he takes a turn and says I want to show you this really cool spot before we head to dinner. So, we pull up at this railroad track and there is this hidden bridge behind it. He grabs my hand and we begin to walk. He looks at me and says “Shannah, I just want you to know that I love you so much.” After he said that, I knew something was up and I started to tear up.

My heart was racing and as we come up on the bridge I see rose petals on the ground. That’s when I KNEW it was happening. As we are walking, he is telling me everything he loves about me and how we might not be perfect but we are perfect together. I look back at the roses and see a photographer and cry even more. I turn back around to him and he is on one knee.

The moment finally came and he finally asked, “Shannah, will you marry me?” The moment that I have wanted for 7 1/2 years has finally come and I get to marry the love of my life. Our families were waiting on us back at the railroad and we celebrate the happiest moment with them. After the proposal, little did I know there was another surprise in store for me. Our family and my best friend set up an engagement party for us to celebrate with all of our close family members and friends. It was the best day of our lives, to say the least.

Special Thanks

Ashley Shepherd
 | Photographer