Shanna and Tyler

Marriage Proposal Ideas in City Garden, Saint Louis, MO

How We Met

Tyler and I met in the US Navy while serving on-board a Naval vessel where we both was stationed. Awkwardly, I was his supervisor and at first never thought once about ever being more then that…his supervisor. Yet, Tyler had different plans. His 21st birthday was approaching and a few friends were taking him out to celebrate. Tyler called me that evening and invited me to join the celebration at first I was upset because I saw the celebration on SnapChat and was not invited and I hate last minute events because it takes me forever to get dressed.

After my moment of selfishness, I told him I would shower and get dressed and met them at the Bar. I finally drove the 20 miles and 35 minutes to meet with him and other Sailors on-board our ship. All night we all laughed, joked and made sure Tyler 21st was celebrated Navy style. That night I seen something more than a co-worker. Obviously he did too because from that night forward he started using my number for more than work related information and conversation. Never in a million years would I ever think that October 29, would be the first time that I would look into his eyes and see everything I ever PRAYED for in a man. That day started a genuine friendship that soon blossomed into a beautiful relationship!!!

Shanna and Tyler's Engagement in City Garden, Saint Louis, MO

Shanna's Proposal in City Garden, Saint Louis, MO

how they asked

The afternoon of Christmas Eve, Tyler told me to pack a bag we were going to celebrate our last date of 2016. Normally it takes me forever to pick an outfit and pack but Tyler had already picked out an outfit and shoes. So, all I had to do was pack and pick out my makeup.

Once we were packed he started driving, but he had the GPS on silent because he told me he wanted to plan everything and make it special (Because I’m a control freak and always must be involved in everything). Tyler, know I hate surprises but I promised this time I wouldn’t insert my control nature.

Finally, we arrived at our destination which was a hotel in Downtown, Saint Louis and immediately I noticed inside the hotel was one of my FAVORITE restaurant…RUTH CHRIS! Internally, I prayed that we would eat dinner there but when I asked he said “NO”. A little disappointed but did not show it because I was appreciative that he was doing all this for our LAST date of 2016.

Once we checked in and went to our room, he told me to start getting dressed because he knew it took me forever to get ready and we had reservations. A few hours had passed and I was finally dressed. Tyler and I took the elevator down to the lobby and started walked towards the front door of the hotel, when he said this way and pointed in the direction of Ruth Chris. My face lit up like a kid in a candy store. After dinner, Tyler asked me if I wanted to go on a walk and though downtown was beautiful at night with all the lights it was the middle of winter and I strongly dislike the cold but I promised I wouldn’t insert my control, so I agreed.

We started walking outside and in front of us was a beautiful horse carriage ride. So, I didn’t have to walk at all (THANK GOD). We rode the carriage throughout downtown and observed all the beautiful lights, buildings and people. Then he asked if I would like to get out somewhere and take pictures and I said yes. What woman don’t like to take pictures?! We arrived at the City Garden and the driver of the carriage ride took our pictures. Then they both said “How about a funny video?”

The funny video, turned into a marriage proposal and I said…YES!!!

Our Video

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