Shanna and Thomas

Where to Propose in Tiger Branch Christmas Tree Farm Covington, Louisiana

How We Met

Thomas and I met in the least way I expected to meet someone….. tinder. I was on tinder just seeing what it was all about, as he was doing the same. I remember seeing his picture and thinking “Oh, he’s cute!” and when we showed up as a match I was excited! I hadn’t been on any dates with anyone from tinder, but he was the first one and I thought ok, let’s just do this. I remember how funny he was and he called me instead of just texting me! I think our first phone call was at least two hours and I had a test the next day, but I didn’t want to get off the phone with him. We ended up meeting at a local restaurant and at the end of the night I was like yup, I really hope this works out. The rest is history! I remember on my tinder profile putting that I wanted someone to take me fishing and make me laugh. Now here I am with my future husband who takes me fishing and makes me laugh every day. We never dreamed of meeting the way we did, but I am sure glad we both swiped right!

Shanna and Thomas's Engagement in Tiger Branch Christmas Tree Farm Covington, Louisiana

How They Asked

Thomas had wanted me to go with him to pick out the ring because he wanted it to be exactly what I wanted. I’m so glad we did it this way because we got to make it special together! If you look closely under my ring it has our birthstone, aquamarine, under the diamond (our birthdays are only two days apart.) So, I had an idea that a proposal was going to happen. The jeweler made it seem like it would be hard to get the ring in the time frame that Thomas had wanted. When he told me the ring was delayed I thought nothing of it. I had scheduled our Christmas pictures, with our dogs, at Tiger Branch Christmas Tree Farm months before. Knowing the ring was delayed and how Thomas doesn’t like to take pictures, I really didn’t think this would be the time it was going to happen. My sister and her family were already there since they had their appointment right before ours and my best friend is also my photographer. I remember on the drive, he was acting different and I asked him if anything was wrong, but he said he was just tired.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Tiger Branch Christmas Tree Farm Covington, Louisiana

I didn’t think anything of it, so I proceeded to take a nap (this seems to happen a lot on our car rides, oops.) This gave him the opportune time to sneak the ring out of the box in his side door and slip into his front pocket! We proceeded to take pictures once we got to the farm, and when I had my arm around him I could tell his heart was beating really fast. I thought to myself that he must be really nervous about taking these pictures.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Tiger Branch Christmas Tree Farm Covington, Louisiana

It was at about the same time he yelled his code words to let everyone know that it was about to happen, which was yelling at his well-behaved dog. Confused, I turned to look at what she was doing and when I turned back around there he was on one knee with the “delayed” ring! It seems so surreal! We almost had to cancel due to the weather, but my friend made sure it was going to happen that day. I couldn’t be more thankful for her and my sister for somehow keeping it a secret and being a part of that special day.

Shanna's Proposal in Tiger Branch Christmas Tree Farm Covington, Louisiana

Special Thanks

Courtney Werner
 | Photographer
Kelly Harrison
 | Planning