Shanna and Jamal

Image 1 of Shanna and Jamal

It was my 28th birthday and we celebrated at a restaurant, which was where we celebrated the year before, on the Mariana in Edgewater, MD. After a wonderful dinner and some wine, we talked about our 8yrs together, riminised on our life together. We had good times, great times and some not so great times, but we’ve always came out together. Jamal told started with how much I mean to him and all that we’ve been through and that he’s so greatful that I never left his side. He got down on one knee and proposed. I was completely surprised! Had no ideaa. Diners and the restuarant began to take pictures and clap (of course I said yes!). Thanks to those wonderful people we will have memories for forever due to their photos.

Image 2 of Shanna and Jamal