Shanna and Eric

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Florida

How We Met

we meet 5 years ago at a faternity mixer while we were in college. we were both studying nurse at ramapo college

How They Asked

Eric and I were on a week vacation in Florida, visiting his grandpa. I was completely blindsided by the proposal because I was assuming he was going to propose on Easter (April fools day) around all our families. We were at the beach with our 2 very close friends. I went on a walk with my friend as Eric and his friend were setting up the proposal spot with roses. It was hidden behind rocks so when my friend suggested we turn back to hang out with the boys again I did not suspect a thing.

We were walking back and there Eric was holding roses and got down on one knee to ask me to marry him. I was speechless and was only able to say “Really?!”

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Florida