Shanisha and Kenroy

How We Met

I remember it like it was yesterday, he had just transferred to the school. It’s not hard to miss someone new in a school of only 200 students. He was walking down the hallway tall, dark and handsome ( I know so cliche). He was wearing damaged denim stone wash jeans, a black Family guy t-shirt, black Nike 1s and the infamous tan Banana Republic trench! It was as though walking pass him time began to freeze and a random breeze came rushing in because his trench coat seemed to blow out as he walked. I remember receiving the word the evening before about the new kid from my High school principal. I remember rushing to my friend Dafny, telling her ” I needed to meet him” and ironically enough they happened to be partners in GIS class so she introduced me. It’s almost fate that he was brought to my attention 3 different times by the 3 closest people to me in HS at the time. The last official encounter was when our internship liaison Ms. Meredith had introduced us but we had already been acquainted at that time. However, she brought it to our attention that we both attended an internship in the city and could take the train together to avoid getting lost. It was this train ride where I knew he would be mine. It’s now after school and we are headed to our internship both talking and walking to the Trainstation. We get in the trainstation and our train is there he runs to catch the doors… he throws himself in between the doors so that I don’t get left behind, I hop on the train he moves away from the center of the doors that had now attempted to crush him. He starts cursing F***, F***, I look up and his perfect Banana Republic trench was dirtied by the doors which put a permanent dirt stain on his left sleeve. He was upset and complained the whole ride about it. I was torn between thinking he was a self centered a** hole and my Prince Charming that just ruined his $300 coat for me! Fast foreward from this point we were “friends” for a while we kind of just grew into one another before he officially asked me out on my birthday April 29, 2007. This was pretty interesting as well. I’ll never forget! He told me that he would take me to get my gift (I’ve never had anyone outside of my family buy me a gift really). We went to soho to buy sneakers. The sneakers were my gift. It was a weekend so the trains weren’t working, we had to take the longest route ever. Returning I remember we were on the bus and he said are you ready for your second gift? I said “yes… what is it?” And he replied “me”. LOL! I remember having that feeling that this boy is either the most self centered a** hole I know or my Prince Charming! He said “so what’s the answer ? ” and I looked him in the eyes and gave him a kiss. He then stated “that’s not an answer”. I said “yes”.

how they asked

Thursday morning comes creeping in and he is getting ready for work. Suddenly, I have a random appreciation for this man that I now have shared 10 years with. As he gets dressed for work I am just gazing at him and letting him know how much I appreciate him. He is now dressed, I am lying in bed (looking disgusting as ever if I may add), he is getting ready to head out and I say “Kenroy, I love you… will you marry me”. (We joke like this every now and again… me asking him). He says “where’s my ring?”. I told him “I don’t have one… you just have to take me like this (I begin to laugh)”. He said “Oh NO! I need a ring” jokingly. He then held his hand out and stared at me, I playfully smacked his hand down and told him “GET OUT! LOL!”. He left the room… (I presumed he was going to work), I resumed browsing through my phone… 79 seconds later he burst through the door and says “At least one of us is prepared… holds out a beautiful diamond ring and says “so what’s your answer?” I said “OF COURSE!!!!” He gives me the ring, kisses me and says “Cool! Now I have to go to work”…. I said “I love you Kenroy” and he said “I love you too”… Flying through the doors he yells “HAPPY 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY”

Wedding Proposal Ideas in In our apartment