Shanise and Phillip

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How We Met

Phil and I met in 2011. I had just graduated high school the year before and I was the new hire at the bank he worked at. His boss told him if he hired me that he couldn’t date me since it was bank policy. Phil reassured him I was too young and he wouldn’t. After year one he came to my parents house and asked permission for me to move in with him. We lived together ever since and here we are engaged almost nine years later!

How They Asked

My fiancé and I have been together for nine years. We both talked about getting engaged and knew we wanted to get engaged this year, but I just didn’t know when it would be. Until he accidentally sent me a screenshot of the text explaining all the event details and that he would be proposing to me on August 8th in our family group text. He was upset that he dropped the ball. So when Saturday, August 8th came I knew it was the day but still couldn’t figure out just how it would all happen.

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Last minute he told me after the proposal that he changed the plan of proposing to me at the winery to throw me off he was determined to still save the element of surprise. He told me to get dressed up and we would be doing our usual Saturday errands. We went to wash his car and I still didn’t understand why I had to be in my fancy dress. When we got home I went to the bathroom and he told me to go outside. I opened the front door and all my family and friends were in our courtyard (six feet apart) and then our song started playing. I turned around and he was on one knee!

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