Shaniece and Joshua

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Sundial Resturant Atlant, Ga

How We Met

Funny thing is, I vowed to never date a co-worker!

December of 2014 I started a new career, my venture into law enforcement. As fate would have it my fiancé and I (still getting used to the sound of that) were placed on the same shift. We didn’t speak much, honestly, we didn’t speak at all. We almost avoided each other. When I first laid eyes on him I could see he was handsome on the outside but I had no idea how beautiful he was on the inside. He finally worked up the courage to speak to me one night while on a call at work….and the rest is history. We dated for three years.

how they asked

We always make a big deal out of each other’s birthdays. Cruises, parties, dinners, etc. Unfortunately, I was scheduled to work this year on my 26th birthday. The following weekend I knew he planned a birthday dinner at a super fancy restaurant and invited friends (I had no idea who was on the guest list). So, of course, I get all dolled up and we whisk away to the 76th floor of the Sundial Resturant in Atlanta, Ga to meet family and friends and have dinner overlooking the city skyline. After we are seated and the waiter gathers our orders he stands up and says something along the lines of “I know we’re all here to celebrate Shaniece’s Birthday”…and then my mind goes blank because I began to watch in awe as he reached in the breast pocket of his suit jacket and pulled out a small black box. I could not contain myself. I ruined my make up and cried like a baby. I was overjoyed that my best friend saw me fit to be his wife, and he did such a great job on the ring, it’s gorgeous! You can’t miss it! I’m still in shock!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Sundial Resturant Atlant, Ga