Shanie and Shane

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How We Met

The fall of my senior year I was invited to a Halloween get together at a friends cousin’s house. I was super excited because I would be meeting new people. So since I didn’t know where this place was I decided to ride with her. Well on our way she looks over and said, “hey do you care if we ride with Shane?” My expression was well sure I don’t know him but I’m sure that’s fine. So we met him in a parking lot and rode out to his place with him. We had small conversation just getting to know one another. As the night went on it got pretty cold, there was a bonfire but it didn’t seem to help much. One of his friends had brought a few chairs out and had a blanket so we sat and shared a blanket, and talked a while. When the night was over I went home and told my friends I thought he was super cute. The next day my friends contacted him and told him I thought he was cute (so lame, I know). Well a few days later he called we spent hours on the phone and it felt like we had been friends forever. We dated for about 9 months and I went to college and we broke things off. About a year after that we reconnected and have been together ever since.

how they asked

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Saturday Janurary 21, 2017 two days after my 26th birthday. Shane told me we were celebrating my birthday by having a birthday party at our home. I started the morning as usual got up went to work, actually got off work early. Shane had been out of town working all week and was coming home today. So when I got home I showered got ready and cleaned the house. It was nearly 5 o’clock and he still wasn’t home so I started getting anxious. Well he walks in and starts goofing off as usual. He said, ” I have a surprise!” I said “oh really?”And around the corner came my mom. She had driven 8 hours to be here for my birthday party. At this point I knew he was up to something. My mom and I caught up while we waited for people to show up. About 20+ friends and family came to celebrate me (us). At one point I went back to my room having girl talk with two of my friends and it got really quiet. And I said, “why is it suddenly quiet?” At the same time she said let’s go refill our drinks and she pulls me outside. Everyone starts singing happy birthday and directing me to the deck where they had a cookie cake waiting for me. At the end of the song Shane came walking out of the garage with a puppy!! I immediately start crying because I love puppies and we had been talking for weeks about getting a puppy. As I’m holding him and crying he asks what his name is. My immediate response was “Baxter.” We had been talking named as we had been talking about dogs and I loved baxter(he wanted cujo…we see who won that argument ?). He responded back to me “no look at his collar.” I looked down and tears poured out as I read “will you marry my daddy?” Of course I said YES!

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