Shania and Nick

How We Met

Nick and I met when we were in 8th grade. We had the same English class and he was the goofy kid that always made people laugh. We weren’t the closest back then though. When I turned 16 I started going to the same church as him. He was different though he acted so shy and quiet! We were on our way to a youth event and I tried asking him what his life was like now. He just gave short answers and said he was homeschooled, you know just awkward small talk. Fast forward to that summer we served on a mission trip to Los Angeles California and from that point on he was my best friend. That same goofy guy came out during that trip and after we would spend hours on the phone together.

Meanwhile, I was working on my cosmetology license and we had an hour break for lunch. So one day he asked me to go to lunch with him. Not thinking much of it, I went. He asked me to be his girlfriend!

I said… No.

*** ok pause, l didn’t like Nick that way at the time. was such a close friend and I felt so comfortable with him. I just couldn’t jeopardize our friendship like that. I had so much going on in my head at the time. So many things I didn’t know if I wanted to do yet so I couldn’t risk it!

It was a little awkward for a while after that, but we got past it, and then he tried again, and again. I said no. Yet again.

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As time past we both got on the same page of just being friends we both dated other people, had our own lives. We weren’t as close as we used to be and I missed him as a friend. During that time we both really struggled with our faith and what we wanted out of life. We still went to church helped out in the youth group. Nick actually lead his own youth ministry at another church at the time. We still worked together though so we saw each other practically every day.

When my relationship with my other Boyfriend ended. I felt a lot of shame and didn’t feel comfortable talking about most of it with anyone. I feared judgment and criticism. I also was beginning to realize Nick was the real deal. So one night we had a conversation on how I felt the shame that I was holding onto and he just sat there with me and understood it all because he was struggling too. He was so compassionate and just real and raw about how he felt and what he was thinking.

After that, we got the help and council we needed to work through some things and started dating a few months later. The rest is history

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How They Asked

It was a Tuesday and I was getting off work and Nick asked to go to dinner. Soon after one of my friends asked if I could be a model for a promotion he was doing for his photography business. So I called Nick and we decide to go to the photo shoot and then go get tacos because you know it was Tuesday. Little did I know he was going to propose!

We were just walking taking some pictures along the way to the bridge, where we first started dating, and eventually would get married on. So we made it to the bridge and the next thing I knew he was on his knee with that smile and said; “Shania Rose Chaplin will you do me the honor of marrying me?” Of course, I said yes after being utterly surprised.

July 7th, 2019 we got married on that bridge.