Shania and Matthew

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How We Met

I was a lifeguard at Slippery Rock University at my code blue training where I first spotted Matt. I remember looking around and my eyes stopped right on him. I thought to myself “well hello who is he”?! Days went by and nothing crossed my mind and me and my boss we’re having our daily conversations in his office. Matt walked in and we all started talking and I tried so hard not to stare. They were going to buy a cow off my brother in law and my boss failed to update him. Matt then said to me why don’t you just let me know yourself and then said are you going to get your phone. From then on we started to text. From what was supposed to be one simple conversation turned into long nights of staying up texting and falling asleep on him. When he asked me to dinner before his volleyball game I was more or less in shock. There was never an awkward moment. Later that night I ended up driving down to his apartment at 11:00 to watch a movie.

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I fell asleep on his couch and at 3 am he woke me up and said: “I am going to bed you can either sleep here or in the bed.” So I walked into his room and was thinking to myself this is odd since he said he’d never date a student but I’m sleeping over. Then every day after that I would drive down to his place and we would go on dates and cuddle on the couch and watch Orange is the new black. Then we started riding together so we didn’t have to make our drive alone. We would stay up every night and just talk. That’s when he told me he liked me. When I was on vacation he sent me the song From the Ground Up by Dan + Shay and one drunk night on the phone I told him I loved him and realized what I said but was not ashamed at all. I did think in my head he’s going to think I’m crazy we’ve only known each other for a month but he did he responded with I love you too.

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When I got back from vacation he started fixing up his home and gave me a key and then a few months later I moved in. We got 2 husky puppies together and a kitty. Then a few months later we added another kitty to our family. We then started discussing our future. We both wanted a family and to eventually get married. We would look at rings here and there but nothing ever too serious. After a year of being together, I ended up pregnant with our son Kane. While I was pregnant we discussed marriage more but everything stayed still. Around April of 2017, I found my dream ring and it was bought but I couldn’t have it. I would nag every day on when he would ask but I would get the same answer of after I talked to your dad.

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how they asked

He planned a trip to Las Vegas for my 21st birthday and invited a few of our close friends and that’s where it happened. We went to dinner at the Prime Steakhouse at the Bellagio. I got super sick due to the time change and just wanted to go back to the room.

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He kept telling me I had to stay because our friend was going to tell his wife something for her birthday. When the water show went on he told me to record it and when it was done he was down on one knee. I am now the most happiest girl in the world and am so excited to spend the rest of my life with my soulmate❤

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