Shani and Kareem

Proposal Ideas Atlanta Botanical Gardens

How We Met

Kareem and I met over 10 years ago in 2008 while I was in high school. We dated for a few months but before I went off the college we broke up. Our breakup wasn’t a bad one, we just didn’t feel like going to college in a new relationship was the best idea. We stayed friends all through college and after college. He and his friends would always come, hang out with my friends and I. We both dated other people and had very long-term relationships. Finally, at the beginning of 2017, we were both single at the same time. He casually asked if I wanted to hang out as friends on Valentine’s Day. I was newly single so I wasn’t ready to jump into anything but I didn’t see anything wrong with two friends eating good food and watching a movie. The rest, as they say, is history.

How They Asked

Kareem said he knew he wanted to marry me very soon after we started dating in 2017. I am a hopeless romantic and love being surprised BUT it is very hard to surprise me. I am very inquisitive and anything out of the ordinary would bring up a million questions. He knew he had to be very sneaky and come up with an elaborate plan. He purchased the ring in March 2019, asked my parents for hand and told my 2 best friends and April. After that, it was time for him to nail down how he was going to propose. My friends and I are always so busy so there was always someone with conflict and the proposal kept getting pushed back.

FINALLY, he had a proposal date. June 29, 2019. A couple of weeks before that my best friend asked us to come with her to a coworker’s birthday party at the Botanical Gardens with wine and cheese. One of my favorite pairings! There were 2 invites she sent me boasting of all of the different wines and cheeses that would be at the event. I had no clue what I was in store for.

Shani's Proposal in Atlanta Botanical Gardens

Day of the Proposal: One of my friends suggests that we all get ready at her house. I packed and bag and headed over. Kareem said he would be doing yard work at his mom’s house for most of the day. Two of my other friends said they would be running late but would be over soon. After getting ready, we pack into an Uber and head down to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. On the way to the gardens, one of her coworkers posts a video of how beautiful the gardens were. I so was ready to explore. We walked around the gardens for a bit and then we headed to where the “birthday party” was being held. As I walked into the exhibit, I see my fiancé’s best friend holding a rose. I was very confused, why would he be here? Then I look down and see my 1-year-old godson. I look up again and see my brother and my aunts and realize Luther Vandross, one of my fiancé’s favorite artists, is playing over the speaker. I couldn’t see Kareem yet, but I knew what was happening and immediately started crying uncontrollably. As I walked down the path, all of the important people in our lives gave me a rose and eloquently read bits and pieces of our love story to me. At the end of the path, I finally see him. He brings me over to him and says “hey babe.” He had a speech but of course, I am too busy crying and shaking to remember what he said! The next thing I remember is him getting down on one knee and asking me to be his wife! Of course, I said yes!

We hung out at the Botanical Gardens for a while longer while family and friends congratulated us and everyone was taking pictures. After we left, he said he needed to get out of his hot clothes and then we were going to a surprise dinner. When we walked into our house it was completely decorated and all of our family and friends were there. Turns out my 2 friends that were running late, were helping him decorate the whole time! Best day of my life!

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