Shani and Eric

Shani and Eric's Engagement in Cabo San Lucas

How We Met

Eric and I met freshman year of college. We were both guilty of judging a book by its cover. He projected a jokester outer layer which I thought was immature and I projected a very “LA” outer layer which he absolutely hated. Fate, however brought us together again Sophomore year of college. My roommate decided mid semester that she was moving to Tahoe. She and Eric were friends and he had just got kicked off campus and needed a place to stay. He swiftly moved in with me and became my roommate. We were forced to get to know what was below the surface and strangely enough, we realized that we were more alike than different. We found ourselves talking for hours and developed a very close friendship that blossomed into more the day of my 20th birthday. We’ve been inseparable ever since and these 8 years together have been a roller-coaster that I wouldn’t change for the world.

how they asked

Eric and I love to quote movies and shows and he’ll often give me pop quizzes to test my knowledge. We both love It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and we can often be heard quoting our favorite episodes around the house. In one particular episode the main character Charlie has been stalking a woman who is referred to as “the waitress”. Charlie writes a play so at the end he can sing to the waitress and ask for her hand in marriage (which she declines) and we crack up every time since the song is ridiculous. Flash forward to New year’s day 2017. My very close friends and I are in Cabo on a relaxing vacation. Little did I know Eric and my best friends had been planning for months to get me on the beaches of Cabo right at sunset so he could pop the question.

Shani's Proposal in Cabo San Lucas

As we all walk along the beach he begins to sing ” I was once a boy but now I am a man. Now I’m here to ask for your hand” I was really confused why he was singing but humored him with a smile. It wasn’t until I heard him sing the words ” Will you come and join me in this thing called matrimony” and suddenly I realized it was the words to Charlie’s proposal song to the waitress from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and I burst out laughing. He got on one knee and finished the silliest proposal I’d ever witnessed with ” Please say yes and do not bone me. Please just marry me!” Of course I said yes and we all proceeded to drink Margaritas to celebrate!