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As told by Shaney: Dylan and I had been talking about marriage for about a year, but with him still in college at the University of Tennessee Knoxville, I didn’t think it was anywhere close to happening. We had looked at rings only once or twice. I already knew what I wanted and had shared that with him several times before.. hint hint** I was so excited when Dylan’s parents invited me to spend a week in Florida with the family during October of 2016. We planned to spend the week staying at his Nana’s beach house, a town and a woman that is near and dear to Dylan’s heart. I was so excited to be able to visit a place that meant so much to Dylan. I knew getting to visit this house for the first time with him would mean a lot to us both. Before I knew it we were off on our first plane ride together heading to Florida! When we arrived to Bradenton Beach we were welcomed by the strong smell of fish.. dead fish. Red tide had hit right before we got there. There were hundreds (literally hundreds) of dead fish covering the beach. To say Dylan, who is usually a carefree person, was upset would be an understatement. I couldn’t figure out why this was so upsetting to him.

It was gross, yeah, but just down the road the beach was clean and beautiful. I kept trying to tell him we could just walk down a little further on the beach and spend our days there. We spent the first few days exploring the small town and talking a lot about his childhood memories there. I tried to keep his mind off the dead fish infested beach. I thought it was upsetting him only because this place holds a sentimental value to him and he wanted me to enjoy it. Little did I know it was because he was planning to propose to me that Sunday on the beach! On Saturday we woke up and were disappointed to find the beach still covered from the red tide. We went out for breakfast that morning and saw the beach was getting cleaned just down the road. Yay! By Saturday afternoon the beach was clean and beautiful! Whew, what a relief for Dylan! On Sunday, October 2nd we had a family reunion planned and we were all ready to go now that the beach was cleaned!

That afternoon we went out on the beach for what I thought was family pictures. After a couple group pictures the photographer began photographing individual families. Dylan said we could get a few snaps together and I LOVE pictures so I was more than ready! After one or two snaps of the camera Dylan turned me to face him and told me he loved me. My response was “I know babe!” as I tried to turn to face the photographer again (I really like pictures, ok) he pulled me closer again and said “No, Shaney I really love you”. Everything after that was a blur!

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Dylan was talking but I couldn’t hear anything due to the shock of realizing what was happening. There were (a lot) of tears soon to follow, but I somehow managed to say YES while his whole family watched!

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