Shanell and Jacob

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Magic Kindom, Disney, Orlando, Florida

How We Met

Jacob and I, Shanell, meet at The University of Southern Mississippi. I moved to Hattiesburg Mississippi to get out of the crazy city life, Atlanta, and to a slower and smaller town to pursue my dreams of getting my bachelor’s degree. Jacob is from Nigeria and moved to Hattiesburg to pursue his Ph.D. We meet on campus; I was working on campus at the time and was sent out to run errands. Jacob was walking with his colleges on his way to a meeting. We noticed each other and said some simple greetings and kept moving. As I was heading back to my office, he was coming out of his building, we saw each other again. I was across the street. He was shouting with compliments telling me that he liked my outfit.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Magic Kindom, Disney, Orlando, Florida

Proposal Ideas Magic Kindom, Disney, Orlando, Florida

At the time I had headphones in, but I had turned them down right when I saw him walking out the door. So, I could hear him complimenting me but I acted like I didn’t so he would cross the street and we could talk more. (Smooth, Right!) We ended up talking a little and he said that he has been reaching out to me on Facebook and I never responded. So, I checked, and I realized I never responded, which I never did when guys tried talking to me on social media. So, I told him I’ll be in touch on social media. Following that day, I eventually gave him my number so we could talk. The following weekend was Mardi Gras and I had gone to New Orleans, Jacob came and brought me food the next morning I got back. About two weeks later I went out of town and Jacob offered and picked me up from the New Orleans Airport. We spent the rest of that day in New Orleans walking in Talking, I knew that this was the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.

How They Asked

The day is finally here, January 13, 2020! Carrying my Black Tail Bag and holding hands with Jacob who has the same bag and the same shoes as I. We have just gone through TSA at the New Orleans Airport. Jacob still has not given me any clue of where we are going. As we walk up to are gate Jacob asked me to take my glasses off (everything is a blurry collage without my glasses) and try not to look at the screens above. He gives me some headphones and a three-hour playlist he made. While we are on the plane, I am jamming out to some good tunes. We land in this secret destination. A couple of steps off the plan and he pulls me to the side, and he tells me where we are and where we are going. He says, “you are in Orlando, Florida and we are going to The Magic Kingdom at Disney! What a surprise and I thought that was it. January 15, 2020, we get to the Magic Kingdom and I am full of excitement and anxiousness thinking it was because of the Magic at Disney but then he turns me to face the Cinderella Castle and I turn around and there Jacob is on his knees asking me to be his wife. At this point, it feels like the whole park is clapping for us and cheering us on! Everyone is congratulating us, and I am so surprised how Jacob has done a triple surprise on me in less than a week. The location, the attraction, and the proposal!

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