Shaneka and Le'Don

how we met

Le’Don and I initially met on a Sunday at Barnes and Noble. I saw him from afar the previous week and we finally got to meet face to face. The evening we met was perfect!

how they asked

On January 26, 2019, I planned a surprise promotion dinner for Le’Don. All of our friends and immediate family gathered to celebrate. When Le’Don walked into the restaurant he was super surprised and the expression on his face was priceless! After everyone ate and it was time to cut the cake Le’Don said he wanted to stand before everyone and thank them for coming, but especially to me. He said that without me motivating him to apply for the position he would not have applied and he would forever be thankful. He then pulled out a red UNO reverse card and said he’s now reversing this surprise back to me. At this point I’m looking beyond confused. He said that the first time he laid eyes on me that he knew I was the one. He said he cannot see himself with anyone one else, but me and he wants me to be his forever! My heart literally dropped and my eyes got super huge! He then got on one knee and asked would I marry him and of course I SAID YES! Comes to find out Le’Don talked to my parents a month prior to his surprise promotion dinner asking them for my hand in marriage. He said he didn’t know the next time all of our families would be together since the holiday’s had already passed. My parents then spoiled the surprise by telling him what I had planned for him. I can honestly say this was the BEST surprise ever and one that I would never forget :)

Special Thanks