Shane Co. Couple: Rocio and Matthew's Sunset Pier Proposal


How We Met

Matthew and I met at work in Atlanta. Both of us worked in the sales department and have strong personalities, so of course there was instant attraction. I always thought he was funny and I love to laugh! On our first date he took me to a comedy club, which was hands down the best date ever. We laughed all night and the rest was history!


how they asked

After a year together, we had never been to the beach as a couple and decided to plan a trip. Some friends of the family offered to let us come stay with them at their beach house in Key Largo, Florida. We took their offer and decided to make it our first road trip together as well. We drove the whole way there! The first couple of nights we went to casual restaurants and did some shopping. On the third night the couple we were staying with made reservations at a bayside restaurant. We had been on a boat all day and were ready to wine and dine. When I went to the closet to pick out an outfit for the evening, my fiancé suggested I wear something nice. At first I was taken back by this, because he normally doesn’t care what I wear. But I chose a simple black dress, a turquoise necklace and some flip flops, because after all we were in Key Largo!

When we got to the restaurant, I was in awe of how beautiful it was! The sun was close to setting, but still had some time. I wanted to get photos, but the boardwalk was closed off by a gate and there was a hostess guarding it. The couple we were with told us we should try and ask her to let us through and go out onto the boardwalk. They kept pushing us to go ask so we finally did! As we started walking toward the gate, the hostess just magically opened it even before we got there. I thought it was odd at the time, but I also felt super special and important. We kept walking and got to the end of the boardwalk—it was breathtaking. Then Matthew took my hands in his, started telling me he had waited for what felt like forever to do this and then kneeled down. I was in shock! He then presented the most beautiful and classic ring I had ever seen. It glimmered and sparkled as the sun started to set. By that time, the whole restaurant was clapping and taking photos! When we walked back to the main deck, we had couples of all ages coming up and congratulating us. It was magical! The next day we took a day trip to Key West and celebrated again!





How He Found the Ring

Rocio does not wear much jewelry and always hinted that she just wanted something simple. One day the couple casually looked at engagement rings in the mall and Matthew learned her ring size, but he knew he wanted to buy her engagement ring from Shane Co.because of their quality and service. His sister was a manager at Shane Co. for eight years and was happy to help him pick out the perfect ring. After looking at a couple of options in the Kennesaw store, Matthew found the perfect one for Rocio—a classic solitaire with a brilliant cut diamond.


About Rocio’s Ring

This simple and stunning solitaire engagement ring is crafted in quality 14k white gold. The design is elegant and timeless.

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Special Thanks

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