Shane Co. Couple: Lucy & Michael’s Sunset Boat Proposal

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How We Met: Michael and I met through an online dating site in September 2013. Living 2000 miles away from each other, we would have never crossed paths otherwise. I had been on the dating site for a while, but it’s difficult finding someone adventurous and outdoorsy online—people like that seem to steer clear of the Internet dating scene. One day I decided to expand my search by browsing profiles in the Pacific Northwest region, because I was planning on moving to Washington or Oregon after I finished my grad school program in Michigan. After some filtering in my search, I came across Michael’s profile and clicked on it. I read through his entire profile and thought to myself, “Of course the perfect one lives on the other side of the country.”

At the time, I was not open to long-distance dating, so I did not contact him. But to my surprise, I got a message from him the next day! He saw that I viewed his profile and wanted to connect. I was giddy, but it still did not fix the fact he lived thousands of miles away. I told him I was not interested in a long-distance relationship, but we continued to exchange messages. I had never done this with a guy I met online, but he seemed like such a catch, and he was too interesting to ignore.

We both decided to try dating in our area for a while and had a gap in communication, but in September 2014, we found ourselves on the dating site again. He reached out to me and said, “It seems like you are my perfect match.” I knew he was right. I told him about my plan to move to Oregon or Washington after I graduated in May. The next thing I knew, he was flying out to Michigan to visit me, and as he puts it, it was like meeting a best friend. I am a huge advocate for online dating! Why settle for what is just around you and in your city?

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how they asked: My birthday is March 4th and Michael’s is March 8th. To celebrate, we met in Anacortes for our birthday weekend and stayed on his boat. On March 6th, he said we should take the boat out to Cypress Island and anchor it in Eagle Harbor. The weather was perfect all weekend—bright skies, no wind and in the mid-60s, which is a heat wave compared to the weather in Michigan! We arrived in Eagle Harbor right before sunset. There were no other boats around, just a beautiful view of the mountains. There was a bald eagle in the tree overlooking the harbor and a seal popping up and down checking out the crab traps.

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Once the boat was turned off and we were settled in, I went to the bow of the boat and started sunbathing. Michael came up to the bow and waited for to me to stand up so he could get down on one knee, but I didn’t. He sat down next to me and that’s when he asked me to marry him. I think I screamed, but I’m not sure. I actually don’t remember saying “yes” either, but he said I did. The bald eagle started singing just after he put the Shane Co. engagement ring on my finger. I’d like to think that’s good luck!

This was by far the most perfect proposal for me. I’m from Alaska and he is in love with the Pacific Northwest. We both are nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts, so taking me away from the city and being surrounded by nature and wildlife really made it unforgettable.

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