Shane Co. Couple: Hannah & Cameron’s Romantic Proposal

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How We Met:

About five years ago, Hannah and I met during our freshman year of high school when I was placed in her homeroom class. I was a new student who transferred during the middle of the year. Although it was probably love at first sight, I did not pursue her. For the rest of that school year, I remained reserved and practically ignored her when she tried to talk to me. It wasn’t until that summer that we began messaging each other back and forth. As soon as we began talking, we never stopped. I thought she was a downright gorgeous woman who was also kind, thoughtful and as goofy as me. We quickly realized that we had the same sense of humor and were constantly making each other laugh. Since we were so young, our initial dates weren’t elaborate—they mostly consisted of going to the pool and playing Uno, our favorite card game. We also got involved in sports and clubs together. As long as we were together, we always found something to do and some way to have a good time. We had the best of times just being ourselves and being best friends.

Over the course of five years of dating, our relationship continued to grow stronger. Hannah was an amazing girlfriend and also my best friend. During high school, people change. We changed. But luckily, we changed for the better! As high school started coming to an end, we both began to realize that we had more than just a high school relationship. It was way more than that. We didn’t shy away from talking about marriage and she certainly didn’t shy away from showing me different rings (which did help quite a bit!). I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with Hannah and began saving money for the perfect ring for the most perfect girl.

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how they asked:

After two years of saving, I found myself constantly thinking about proposing to Hannah and I knew it was time to starting planning the proposal. Once I got permission from her father, I began talking with my mom about ideas and rings. My mom and stepdad expertly advised me to go to Shane Co. because that was where they had gone for my mother’s engagement ring. On the day that I went to Shane Co. to search for Hannah’s ring, an associate showed me various styles that fit Hannah’s preferences. Then I spotted one in the bottom right corner of the case. It was the one. There’s no explaining it, except that it perfectly encompassed Hannah’s style and personality.

Once I had the ring, I was more motivated to plan the actual proposal. With the help of my mom, I decided to string lights and pictures of us in trees near a local barn and to play “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran (one of Hannah’s favorite songs at the time). I enlisted the help of her friend Farrah (who was also the photographer), and we set the date for February 7th. Her other friend, Courtney, made arrangements to bring her to the site on the day of the proposal.

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On that day, everything ran smoothly. My family helped me set things up while I got ready for the proposal. When Hannah walked up, she was completely surprised! I got a little choked up as I proposed, but of course she said “yes!” It could not have been more perfect!

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Shane Co. ring details

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