Shane Co. Couple: Amanda and TJ’s Beach Proposal


How We Met:

TJ and I have been friends for almost a decade. We met through mutual friends and have always been the two in our group to plan outings and make sure everyone had a great time. About four years ago, we unexpectedly fell for each other after realizing that we’d had a close connection all of those years. In the first six years of our friendship, it never crossed our minds that we would ever become anything more than friends. We had a few obstacles to overcome before we officially started dating, but we both knew that what we felt was strong and something we needed to pursue. Once we were able to relax more and act on our feelings, I knew that he was the missing piece in my life. You know, that one puzzle piece that has always been there, but was jumbled in all the other pieces. Everything just proceeded to fall into place.

how they asked:

On August 23, 2015 we were on a trip with my family. We spent the weekend in Pacific City, Oregon at Cape Kiwanda—my favorite place on the Oregon Coast. On that Sunday we planned to go to the beach to hike up the sand dunes and show my family the amazing views. That morning the smoke from a nearby fire and fog overtook the beach, making it hard to see more than 10 feet away. This put me in an unpleasant mood. My family knew that TJ was going to propose, so they helped him convince me to continue on with the plan. My dad, who has Parkinson’s and has difficulty walking and moving, was about to trek up a sand hill, which was tiring and difficult, even for healthy younger people. I didn’t want him to go all the way to the top with nothing to see and I was really trying to change the plan, but everyone’s positive attitude led us up the sand dunes in hopes that it would clear up and that my mood would change. About an hour or so later it finally cleared up, but the wind was still strong. TJ set up a half-dome beach shield with windows for my dad to sit in, allowing him to see down the other side of the hill.

The beauty of Mother Nature was surreal, with the waves crashing on the rocks and the clouds parting as the sun peeked through to shine. We were down at the bottom of the dune with my mom, sister, cousin and nieces, and then TJ asked me to go with him to a rock. The waves were still crashing on the pathway, so we ran across the slippery top edge of the extended rock formation when it was safe.


We explored the edges of the rock, hoping the waves didn’t come up and sweep us away. The adrenaline and thrill didn’t help TJ as he mentioned later that proposing was a lot more nerve-racking than he thought it would be.


He pulled me to the middle of the rock and said, “I know I never asked you to officially be my girlfriend, but I’m going to skip that part because it’s about time I ask you to be my wife.” He got down on one knee and pulled out the ring. I was in shock and so flooded with happiness that I didn’t know how to react.


I said “yes” and then asked if there was a photographer because I had mentioned to TJ before how moments like this are the best kind of candid pictures. I looked to where my family was standing and I saw Jonathan Gipaya, a photographer. I pointed and couldn’t stop smiling, as I am a huge fan of his work and TJ made sure he was there to capture our memories.


We made our way back to the top of the hill and I noticed that TJ made sure that my dad could see the whole thing through the window of the beach canopy. With his illness, it was too difficult to bring him down to the other side of the hill. Seeing that my dad was still able to witness the proposal brought tears to my eyes. We took more pictures as a family and as a newly engaged couple, then we had post-proposal pizza and continued to celebrate at our weekend rental. Even though not everything went as planned, in the end everything turned out perfectly.


How He Found the Ring:

TJ had listened carefully to Amanda’s hints and discussions about rings in the past. When he was ready to propose, he went to Shane Co. to search for an engagement ring that perfectly matched her preferences. After looking at about a dozen rings, he found a cathedral setting in white gold that would beautifully show off the brilliance of a diamond. He returned to Shane Co. several more times before finding the perfect center stone that had every characteristic he was looking for. TJ knew he had a ring Amanda would love.


About Amanda’s Ring:

This elegant solitaire engagement ring features a stunning princess cut diamond in a 14k white gold setting. Its timeless design is perfect for ladies who love a classic look. What’s your engagement ring style? Take Shane Co.’s quiz to find out.


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