Shane Co. Couple: Amanda and Tim’s Romantic Vacation Proposal

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How We Met

While I was waiting to start physical therapy school, I picked up a part-time job at Lifetime Fitness. I did not have any interest in meeting a guy at the gym, so I had a pretty big guard up during my shifts. I started taking boot camp classes in the morning and that’s when I noticed Tim, who was a personal trainer upstairs. It wasn’t until another coworker told me she wanted all of her girlfriends to meet him that I actually took notice. That night I friend requested him and we eventually started Facebook chatting. A week later we went to a European coffee and dessert spot in the city and, from the moment we sat down, our conversations were so much richer than the typical small talk you expect on a first date. When he dropped me off at home, the conversation kept going and we didn’t notice the time until the sun started rising. I knew then that would be my last first date.

how they asked

Tim had planned a trip for us to Arizona, because he loves it out there and hadn’t been in over eight years since he left Arizona State. Once we boarded the plane, he pulled out a beautiful white camera I had been eyeing since I started blogging. He thought we could “use it for the trip.” I was so shocked—I thought that was going to be the big surprise of the trip.

Almost every girlfriend I talked to about our vacation was pretty certain that he was planning to propose. It wasn’t until the trip got closer that I started to wonder if and when it would happen. We had been talking about marriage for a long time, and I honestly knew he was the one after our first date (possibly even before it!). When a proposal didn’t happen the first night in Sedona or by the third morning after hiking up Camelback Mountain, I had pretty much let go of the idea. The trip was already going perfectly without it.

After we hiked Camelback Mountain we went straight to breakfast, cleaned up, then headed to Fashion Square Mall. Rain started to move in, which is a rare occasion for Arizona. Tim stayed calm about the weather, careful not to give off any red flags for why a clear sky was so important. Afterward, he told me he checked the weather app every 30 minutes.

The rain ended up clearing out, so I wanted to take blog photos before dinner with the new camera. He suggested I do so outside by the big cactus. While we were shooting pictures, he denied three people who asked if he wanted them to take a picture of us. In my head I was like, “Umm… I want a picture together.” He finally asked a guy who had walked by earlier and directed him on how to use the camera. I remember hearing the camera just snapping away and then everything was pretty much a blur. I have no idea what Tim said, but he re-told me the next morning. I just saw him on one knee and this is pretty much how it went from there:

“Amanda Leigh Wheeless, will you spend the rest of your life with me?”

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“What?! Is this real life? Wait, do you know him?!”
(pointing at the camera man as I heard the clicking)

“Yes, that’s Leanna’s boyfriend.” (his sister)

“Where’s Leanna?! Is she here?!”
(looking around with my mouth wide open in my excitement)

“Yes, she’s here… Babe, what’s your answer?!”

“Of course! YES!” (I was crazy talking after this point, so I’ll save you from the rest)

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The camera man snapped 450+ photos of the whole thing, and Tim’s sister was hiding around the corner taking video. I was so surprised they had made the trip from Las Vegas to share this moment with us. Leanna brought out beautiful pink roses and champagne for a toast, then we took more engagement photos. The next morning we had a couples massage at the spa, followed by a private terrace with strawberries, cake and Champagne!

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How I Found the Ring

Over the years, Amanda had sent me pictures of different rings that she liked, but one in particular caught my eye. Once I was ready to purchase an engagement ring, I went to Shane Co. because I knew they were a noncommission company and I wanted to shop in that environment. The associate helped me pick out exactly what I was looking for by narrowing down the diamond and then a setting. When I came to pick up the ring I was blown away—it looked even better than I expected! The hardest part was waiting four months to give it to Amanda.
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About Amanda’s Ring

This classic cathedral engagement ring features a gorgeous oval diamond in a 14k white gold setting.

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