Shane and Emily

Where to Propose in Araluen Botanic Park

How We Met

We met at a nightclub in early 2014 when typically we weren’t really the nightclubbing types. I think we clicked straight away as although our interests, work and hobbies were very different, we both were actually 14 years old when we had a parent get critically ill in our lives. Her Mum had a brain aneurysm and my Dad had Cancer (they survived thank god) and it was great to open up about our difficulties and experiences we had both on our own and as families and I think we grew closer from there.

So yeah, 1 month later we were together, 1 year later we decided to build our own house and by mid 2016 we were living in our first home. 3 weeks later arrived our first sausage dog Pippa, and another year later our second sausage Percy and the rollercoaster continues.

How They Asked

So if I could flashback to July 2 2017 for a second. I love my footy and I was playing one day when I went down with a horrific knee injury. I had many complications from it with surgery twice. The worst bits being 5 months off work with little to no income. 20 hours a day on a knee bend machine in hospital for 3 nights with a catheter attached. An epidural so there wouldn’t be as much pain and many days and weeks of physiotherapy and rehab there after. It was during this with a lot of thinking time that I wanted to not only turn something negative into a positive but I really wanted to marry Emily. To get this knee better so I could bend down on it, to ask her and to hopefully get a yes. So on the 10th of March 2018 at Araluen Botanic Park in Western Australia, I organised my sister Ashlee and her partner Sean to meet there because Sean had never been. (He had been there plenty of times. But Emily didn’t know that)

And so I got Emily out’ve bed rather early to meet them there at 9am. Emily was quite “hangry” as I told her there was no time for breakfast and coffee. Why there was no time? Well I had organised our parents, and grandparents to meet at Emily’s parents house at 11am. At Araluen I had an ideal place to propose. But it was near a lake and upon walking past Emily said “it stinks here” and she was right, it smelt bad so I had to find a secondary location. I had another idea but upon getting to another area of the park there was a white truck parked in the way in which I knew would get in photos (Ashlee had a camera) so then I had to find another place… all the while Emily’s trying to get us into the cafe there while looking at the menu. By now this was at 10.30 as I got quite nervous and delayed it and I knew we had to be at Emily’s parents by 11! So I quickly got her out’ve the cafe for “one more photo!!” and with finding a nearby water fall I got down on one knee and asked Emily and she eventually said yes after the many tears. I nearly stuffed it up because I said “oh my shoe lace is undone” upon bending down and it wasn’t. Then my hand got stuck in my pocket as I went for the ring.

But overall it was one of the best moments of our lives.

From there 2 more friends arrived to pick us up to take us to Emily parents place. One of her friends, George, her Dad let her borrow his 1959 Ford Skyliner (looks like a Chevy) to drive us and we then arrived and greeted our families.

Our Dad’s were in tuxedo t shirts, mothers and granny’s were in happy tears and the sausage dogs were stoked as well.

Weeks earlier I made a private Facebook event. “Emily and Shane’s Engagement Party” in which I had organised for the night of the proposal day. 80-100 people were aware Emily was getting engaged before she did! It was a massive gamble on my part but when you know, you know. We get along great, it’s love and I knew she’d say yes. (Well I was 99.99% sure) and that night we had a big party with all our friends at our place.

A brilliant day and night in which Emily saw a lot of her friends, showed off her ring and got in many photos. As for me, I got more drunk then intended and ended the night throwing up in the toilet.

We get married on March 14 2020, again at Araluen and we can’t wait.

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Shane's Proposal in Araluen Botanic Park

Special Thanks

Ashlee Dagnall
 | Photographer