Cynthia and Shane

How We Met

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how they asked

The best day of my life started like a normal but exciting day. It was Shane’s graduation and me and my mom had went to get our make up and hair done but little did I know my mom and shane were planning a secret proposal. We pulled up to graduation and I was wearing a red dress with little red heels. I seen everyone from our school that I knew my family was there his family was there it made me so happy to see everyone. After graduation everyone gathered on the field to take pictures as I was taking pictures with everyone and Shane I noticed a bunch of people were making a circle around me I had no idea what was going on (turns out my mom had texted and messaged everyone so they wouldn’t miss it) and then it happened he got down on one knee with the ring in his hand and said the words “Will You Marry Me?”. So many emotions “Yes” I cried happy tears I was pretty certain you couldn’t hear because I was so surprised and happy I am marrying my best-friend!❤️

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