Brianna and Shane

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How We Met

Shane and I had gone to middle school and high school together. We had a few classes together a long the way but it wasn’t until our senior year when we became really close. We had 4th hour together, which meant we also shared a lunch. We started going to lunch together and became really good friends. Eventually that friendship turned into best friends, and that turned into love. Here we are 9 years later and still going strong!

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how they asked

After being together 8 years, we had been on plenty of exciting adventures together. From fishing in the Gulf, skiing in Colorado, partying in Vegas, camping alone in the Rockies, and so much more. I wasn’t expecting anything but a good time during our west coast trip. Boy was I wrong. We had stayed with friends for a few days and then decided to take a day trip with just us to Monterey Bay and check out the aquarium. After spending some time in the aquarium we really wanted to take a walk by the shore, but the weather was really gross so we decided to go to a bar and try and wait it out. Hours later it was still raining. Shane said we needed to move our car somewhere. I was thinking, “we just spent $$ in a parking garage why do we need to move it?!” I really just didn’t want to have to spend forever searching for a spot again! He told me not to worry because where we were going they’d park it for us.

We pull up to the nicest hotel in the town. I’m thinking “This would be awesome but I highly doubt they have open rooms.” We get out of the car and the valet men ask us if we need help with our bags. I said no because we didn’t bring any! Sure enough Shane snuck all of our luggage in the back without me knowing. Come to find out there was already a room reserved in his name for us. After checking out the beautiful ocean views in the hotel room for a bit, we were finally able to take a walk on the shore line when the rain stopped. Shane was pretty set on walking to a certain area even though it seemed like forever away in the wet and cold climate. We had made it to his destination and were ready to take a selfie. A selfie wasn’t good enough for Shane (for obvious reasons), but no one was around, so he had to go a hundred yards or so to ask someone if they could take a photo of us. I had my professional camera so I’m just hoping they get it in focus!

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We took a picture and then he got on one knee and asked if I’d marry him. I don’t even think I answered because I just started kissing him,tearing up and grabbed the ring box. We soaked up those moments and the views on what I now know is called Lovers Point.

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After hanging out for a bit he realized it was close to seven and that we had to get to our dinner reservations at the best place in town that once I again I didn’t know about. It was literally surprise after surprise. He had some amazing friends that helped him plan the day that I can’t thank enough. So in love with my high school sweetheart and all the memories we get to create together! I can’t wait to spend forever with him.

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