Shane and Andy

Wedding Proposal Ideas in At my annual birthday BBQ

How We Met

Andy and I met three and a half years ago after chatting with each other on a dating app. We went on our first date in March 2016 in Norwich and it was love at first sight. I remember Andy said to me how relieved he was that I wasn’t really short! I secretly messaged the girls at work saying how amazing I thought he was. They were shocked I was even on another date after my past failed attempts!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in At my annual birthday BBQ

Over the next couple of weeks, we went on more dates… literally every other day! It was amazing! I then overcome my fear of motorways when I used to visit Andy in Towcester over the next three months whilst he was on a course with his horse (which he absolutely adores! – HA! That all rhymed!) Andy would then move in with me at my parents where we spent the next year and a half before moving into our own house together just in the outskirts of Oxfordshire!

Shane's Proposal in At my annual birthday BBQ

How They Asked

We had spoken of marriage a few times before but never made anything official… I always said I would know when the right time was… and the little lightbulb went off in my head as I realized it was going to have to be on my annual birthday BBQ this year (which we have every year!) as it fell on my actual birthday this time. So I knew the date… I just didn’t know, how. With my background in filming and editing, I thought “wouldn’t it be amazing if I did it via a video?” This would work well as every year we have a quiz that I host at the BBC and the questions appear on a TV. Perfect! Now, what to film? I had loved The Greatest Showman film when it came out and was really inspired to do something along that theme. I loved the lyrics in The Greatest Show song… “It’s everything you ever want, it’s everything you ever need, and it’s here right in front of you…” … then I thought, what if I changed the last line of that to “and it’s here right in front of me…” – What a perfect way to then get on one knee.

But how would I change the lyrics.. well I guess I’ll just have to attempt to sing it! So I have the song… and the time and place… but I still had no idea what I would film. Each year I have a theme for the BBQ. One year it was American themes and another was Australian. How about Las Vegas themed? That would work! Vegas has a circus-themed hotel… it’s brilliant! So I got Andy’s mum and dad involved (which is when I asked them for their permission – luckily they said yes!) I got my good old nan involved and a family friend, Henri, too. I then thought I had to include mine and Andy’s cute little French Bulldog Hugo in it too… he could be the lion from MGM. So without anyone knowing (except Andy’s mum and dad) we filmed and put together this amazing video.

Andy was completely oblivious to the real reason behind it. He even helped film my parts! I recorded my song (as well as I could and after several attempts) and it was finished! Well not quite. I still wanted a shot of the ring to appear. Problem was I had it delivered to Andy’s mum and dads so that he wouldn’t discover it. So off we venture 150 miles east back to Norfolk to pick up the ring in secret. I was then able to film the secret last shot and then it was completely finished. So the day arrived. I was stressing. I wanted everything to be perfect. The wind was full-on gales so was already causing problems. The guests start arriving and it begins to rain! I’m going into a panic. But then a ray of light. The rain stops and the sun comes out. Dries up the rain. Then it was time for the quiz. It begins.

The ring is hidden in my pocket. The final round finished, I announce the winners and then… the grand finale. Everyone was wondering whatever could that be… the end of the video replays but slightly differently. As I walk off-screen, I step off the stage and walk towards Andy (his mum had helped get him into position!) Andy’s face was a picture. He said later, “I just kept thinking why are you walking so funny?” I got on one knee and asked Andy to marry me. He said Yes! Everyone was cheering. It was truly magical. Strangest part… as I’m hugging Andy he whispers in my ear. “I was going to propose to you today, I’ve got the ring hidden in my car!” I couldn’t believe it. Fate was on our side and it truly meant that was the day we were meant to get engaged! So now it’s time to plan for the wedding! However, can I top that!

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