Shandi and Garrett

How We Met

Garrett and I first met at a country music concert. He asked me to dance to and we instantly locked eyes and connected. We couldn’t stop talking to each other so we ended up dancing to every song for the rest of the night! After the concert, we snagged each other’s phone numbers and a week later went out on our first date. And the rest is history!

How They Asked

My sisters and I were on the way home from a “sisters day” when I received a phone call from Garrett. He told me that he just shot a “big buck” and needed me to come out to the ranch real quick to take a picture of him.

No one was there to snap a picture of him so he said I needed to hurry and get there before it got dark. I was so excited for him and told him that my sister even had her camera with her so she could use it when we got there. I had nooo clue that there really wasn’t a “big buck.” When I got there he even had his camo coveralls on and I said: “Ahh where is the buck!!!”

Then I saw the lights and my heart sank. He took off his coveralls and he was dressed so handsome!! I cried the whole time and the proposal was absolutely beautiful. Every detail was so thought out and it was such a romantic night.

Our Video

Special Thanks

James Allen
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