Shanala and Shivum

How We Met

Shivum and I have known each other for all of our University years. We kept in contact intermittently after graduating and its only some time after, we met back up through a mutual friend. From that day, we started to message each other more and share stories of our past and catch up! We spoke more often and went out with some mutual friends. During that time, we realised that we had really liked each other and Since then, we have been inseparable!

how they asked

So two months ago, Shivum’s aunt told me to save the date for her husband’s 50th birthday beach party. However, it was also my niece’s 4th birthday celebration on the same day.

So on July 2nd, I woke up to a very cute decorated gift box and my older sister who said she also got a box. This box had a note from a ‘mysterious person’ saying that someone would be over at my house to give us a massage soon. Immediately, I thought it was Shivum doing this, so I contacted him. He promised that he had no part of this and of course I doubted him and carried on. After the massage, I was given another box, which said to meet at a local restaurant for lunch, coincidentally the same restaurant that Shivum and I had our first date. At lunch, he was there so I knew for certain that it was all him and I continuously asked him why he was doing all this. Again, he reassured me it wasnt him and that ill meet the ‘mysterious person’ a little later. After lunch, I was given a 3rd box, saying to be home for 2pm, a hair stylist will be over.

This day was full of events and it got more and more confusing! I certainly thought this was all Shivum. However, at my niece’s birthday party later that day, my younger sister, Shenelle, from Ireland showed up! This was most shocking as she was scheduled to return home a week later! My older sister looked to me and said, “so it was her sending us all these boxes!!” Shenelle hugged me and asked, “you liked your surprises?” And with the most genuine concern she said: “You both always do surprises for everyone and always treat me special and I wanted to do something for you guys.. thats why I thought the massage and lunch and getting pampered would be perfect”

At this time I definitely believed it was my younger sister who gave me all these surprises including her early surprise visit to Trinidad. I quickly changed into my clothes for the next party and then headed on a 2hr long journey to a beach along the East coast. Shivum kept saying we are almost there .. however when we stopped where he said the party was supposed to take place at a private beach, the beach was quiet and and in darkness. He muttered that we may have been in the wrong place. He suggested that we take a walk from the hill where we were parked, down the stairs toward the beach..

As I took my first step down, I spotted the flambeau lit and started to cry and hyperventilate. At the base of the stairs, I can feel the sand on my feet and he told me to close my eyes. He guided me under the protection of a million stars, spun me around and there was this huge sign saying, “Will you marry me?” with him on one knee and the most perfect ring in his hand. My heart was racing and I could feel our bodies trembling!

Image 1 of Shanala and Shivum

Of course I said yes to the beginning of this new chapter in my life! We stayed on the beach for a few minutes and above where we were standing was candlelight dinner set for two on the beautifully decorated balcony. Still in shock..We went back to the beach house where his parents were and mine later joined to celebrate! Shivum organised with my boss at work to have the next day off, so we stayed the night at the beach! Certainly, this day will never be forgotten! His efforts, together with the help from his family, my family and our friends made this day truly a joyous occasion, embedded in memory for a lifetime!