Shana and Jonathan

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How We Met

Well we are both in a sorority and fraternity and we met because of our organizations always hanging out together and he was interested in me and I wasn’t to much interested in him but when he asked me out something told me to say yes and that was the start of a beautiful life with one another.

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how they asked

It was July 2nd,2017 and I just came back from my twin goddaughters birthday party and it was a busy day so I was so exhausted and tired I just wanted to see my then boyfriend who is now my fiancé and friends and drink and celebrate 4th of July weekend. So I met up with them on a friends rooftop and we were playing games and drinking and talking waiting for the fireworks, and then it was time for us watch them.

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My fiancé and I was relaxing and talking and watching the fireworks and he was speaking about how long we were together which at that time was 3 and a half years and how we’ve built a life together since we have a house and a dog.

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So once the fireworks was over, I turned around and he was on one knee asking me to marry him and it was the best day of my life, and instead of crying I laughed and then he laughed so we both laughed and I said YES because it was so unexpected and it was just so funny that he did it that day and I never guessed it would have happened so soon.

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He was happy that I laughed instead of crying because it didn’t make the situation awkward. So now I will be marrying the LOVE OF MY LIFE and I am so happy! .

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