Shana and Tyler

How We Met

My partner and I met through mutual friends while we were standing in line waiting to see a band that we both loved. It was a last minute decision to go so I didn’t even have a ticket (thought there would be tickets at the door) got in line with my friend Kim about midday, she noticed a friend of hers up ahead in line so we moved up and got in line with her and her boyfriend. I was so bummed that he had a girlfriend but we spent the afternoon chatting and laughing about the fact that I hadn’t secured a ticket yet (got one from a scalper 7 minutes before doors) we got separated and the only reason we reconnected was because someone tagged the both of us in a status on facebook about the event. We talked all day and into the night for about a month when he told me that he had broken up with his girlfriend, we officially got together a few weeks later.

how they asked

We were on holiday with my family in the US for 3 weeks. In the first week we went to Disneyland (dream come true!) On our last day at the parks we decided to check out the shops in Downtown Disney, while we were looking around my partner suggests we get my mum to watch our little fella for a while so we can race back into California adventure and go on the Ferris wheel that we had missed out on earlier. She says yes and we head off, after waiting at least 30 minutes in line I try to give up and leave because we’ve been gone for so long but he insists we’re almost at the front.

My partner tried to get us our own gondola but the lady said they were too busy and I didn’t mind, after we got off and started to head out Tyler pointed out a little deck that had a nice view of the lit up Ferris wheel and rides across the water and suggested we get a photo. I was looking at the view and said “this is perfect” to which he responded “the perfect spot for this?” I looked over and he had gotten down on one knee, I was in shock but when he asked I said yes though.