Shana and Ed

Shana and Ed's Engagement in At our home in Salem Oregon.

how they asked

4/19/2018 I asked Shana to marry me. Made it a treasure hunt. Worked on it for over a month. It was really fun and she had a hoot. I went to high school in Florida PCHS the port Charlotte pirates, I was in the United States Coast Guard, after the Coast Guard I got my 100 ton Masters license with a commercial towing endorsement and work for years in the marine industry, I was a professional fishing guide… So you might understand why I went with the pirate theme and a treasure hunt.

… Best of all the treasure was a complete surprise!

I love you Shana you are the best first mate captain could ever wish for.

Ahoy mates… Enjoy.

Proposal Ideas At our home in Salem Oregon.

We set a date of April 17, 2019.

Location to be determined… Will scribble it down and throw it in a bottle to you all once we have a better idea of where.

I love you all.

Thank you, Infinite Creator.

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Special Thanks

Bryan Fitzgerald
Brian went out of his way to help me obtain the perfect ring.
The Infinite Creator