Shana and Connor

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How We Met

Connor and I met and became friends in 2011 on the weekend of the UGA vs. Boise state game held in Atlanta. Since we had mutual friends, we inevitably kept in touch over the following years. In 2013, I moved from Atlanta to Chicago to start a new job. Connor was also working my company at the time, but located in our Atlanta office. Over the next year, we would casually chat through our office communicator. In October 2014, Connor was placed on a project in Chicago and reached out to me for recommendations on good places to eat downtown. He then invited me to join him and his work team at dinner (Japanese BBQ) and grab a drink at the John Hancock center downtown. Everyone was pleased with the restaurant I recommended, and I was secretly happy they weren’t mad their clothes smelled like Japanese BBQ. We enjoyed getting to know each other better that night, and decided we would try to meet up in NYC that December since we’d both be traveling there for work. It was in NYC that we realized we really liked each other and saw a potential in a relationship.

On January 10, 2015, Connor asked me to be his girlfriend and I of course said yes. We had a long distance relationship for about 8 months. During this time, Connor traveled to Chicago to visit me, I traveled to Atlanta to visit him, and we also planned trips to different cities to take on new adventures. In September 2015, Connor drove all the way to Chicago and helped me move my things out of my place, back down to Atlanta and the rest is history!

how they asked

Shana and I planned a euro trip the summer of 2016. Little did she know, I planned to

propose during the trip…Our first stop was Paris, and it was nice but a bit rainy and gloomy… and Air France lost our bags on the way over so the time just didn’t seem right. I stored the ring in the hotel safe each night…which was a bit nerve-racking! Throughout our time in France, I knew I wanted to wait and propose in Italy…just hoping for some better weather. It was pretty tough holding on to that ring without her knowing!

On day 4 of the trip, June 19th, we traveled to Lake Como, Italy. We looked out of our bed and breakfast window and noticed a castle off in the distance, overlooking the lake. I knew that this was a perfect opportunity to grab the ring and convince Shana to go on a hike to the castle ruins. As always, she was ready to go (one of my favorite qualities she has!) The hike was down the side of a mountain through olive tree groves and over mountain rivers. When we got to the base of the castle, I knew I was going to propose soon. I encouraged Shana to keep walking because there was a peak at the very top of the castle that overlooked Lake Como. We took the spiral stairs up to the top of the castle where there is a 360° view of Lake Como and the surrounding mountains. The views were spectacular and I just knew this was time and place to propose. I set up the go-pro when she wasn’t watching, brought out a few snacks and drinks and when the moment was right, I grabbed the ring and quickly dropped to one knee and said “Baby, will you marry me?”……she said yes and we were both on top of the world. It was the best memory I share with Shana to this day and can’t wait to tie the knot with her on 09/17/2016.

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