Shan and Jared

How We Met

I am from Canada and when I moved to LA I figured I should take a class because that’s what everyone does. I enrolled in a hosting workshop, attended one class, then thought “Nah this is not for me.” One girl and I became cool during the class and kept in touch. For 10 months she invited me out but I never went.

One night in November I caved and we went to a party where she was meeting up with a famous comedian named Affion Crockett. When we got there Affion introduced us to a guy who threw the party. He was beautiful and I spent the rest of the night wishing he’d dance with me. When he didn’t, I went home and found him on Affion’s Instagram. It took an entire year after that for us to meet up and two and a half years later we are engaged.

how they asked

He set up a scavenger hunt after I got home from a long flight.

Our Video

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