Shamsa and Alykhan

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How we met

Although we’ve known of each other for many years through friends we didn’t formally meet through a mutual friend in March of 2013. Shamsa was planning a surprise party for a friend that I was supposed to attend. Unfortunately something came up last minute, and I couldn’t make it. I messaged her to let her know and kept in touch periodically onwards.

Eventually Shamsa moved closer to Toronto for her career and text messages turned into dates! In May 2014 we made things official. Among the many things that have defined our relationship since is Shamsa’s love for Harry Potter. The first few months we started dating she made sure we watched all the movies together. This, of course, is very relevant to how I proposed…

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how they asked

The day Alykhan proposed was by far the biggest surprise of my life. I have to say I’m not the easiest person to surprise (Oh you know with countless inquisitive questions and natural nosiness….) and somehow he managed to catch me completely off guard, while ensuring that I look my prettiest.

Rewind to a few months before the proposal, two of our closest friends (Aqil and Aashna) had recently gotten engaged and were discussing organizing a “photoshoot” to celebrate the occasion with their closest friends and family. Naturally, Alykhan and I were invited to attend the photo session to be held in August (the month of the proposal). Everyone was excited, and all the details had been planned. As the “photoshoot” was scheduled to be on a weekday, we had all taken some time off work to make sure we were there for our friends.

On the day of the “photoshoot”, which was being held at the beautiful High Park in Toronto, I got ready in a nice dress, did my hair and nails – wouldn’t want to ruin the photos for my friends (or so I thought) and Alykhan and I drove to High Park together. As we get to the park, Alykhan asks me to park at a specific spot, but naturally I don’t listen saying no no that’s not the right parking lot, we have to keep going, I don’t want a ticket. And on we go driving, way past where we needed to be (little did I know that by doing that, I almost ruined the surprise!) After finding parking and being completely confused as to why Alykhan was so frustrated, we walk back from the other side of the park (Which I later found out led to everyone changing positions…) and enter into this beautiful garden with fountains and gorgeous flowers everywhere… Alykhan takes my hand and keeps walking, I’m looking around wondering where everyone is and if we’re lost.

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As we walk through the garden up to this beautiful gazebo, I still did not realize what was happening until I saw the Harry Potter book (third one – my favourite) sitting on the steps of the gazebo (… and the photographer taking pictures of us as we were now right in front of her!) I looked at Alykhan and he smiled and asked me to see what it is. Immediately, my heart skipped a beat and I realized what was happening. I picked up the book, which was marked by a sheer ribbon, to a page with the infamous quote “After all this time… Always” and the pages of the book had been carved out to hold the ring… And as I looked up, Alykhan got on his knee and popped the question! It couldn’t have been a more perfect moment.

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We were so excited and happy. Afterwards, we walked out of the park and celebrated with our close friends and family, the celebrations continuing into the night and weekend!

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Special Thanks

Samantha Ong Photography
 | photographer