Shalonda and Henry


How We Met

Where do I start? Well, 2 years ago Henry and I met on Instagram! HA! (It goes down in the DMs) He asked to take me out to dinner and I agreed. We were texting while I was at work and he would not tell me where we were going for dinner. I kept asking him what area, what type of mood the restaurant would set and how fancy or casual just so I would know what to wear. He wouldn’t tell me a thing! I was so annoyed. I had no clue what to wear. That evening, he pulled up to my house. I had on a tank top, a midi skirt and sandals- very casual. I get into this young man’s car and he is dressed to the nine! Okay! I was so embarrassed and angry that he did not tell me more about what to wear lol. He had on a button down, really nice blazer, slacks, wing tips and a Ferragamo belt.

And there I was looking stupid. I immediately told him to circle back around so that I could, at the very least, throw on some heels. I still wasn’t feeling my outfit but we headed downtown. We finally parked and walked along the Inner Harbor to Flemings! Really? He took me to Flemings on our first date! Ha! I really felt like a fool, again. I felt so underdressed. But, we had the BEST conversation that night! We talked about everything from our families, to school, our goals and our future plans. Henry was so different to me. I could tell that he wasn’t like any other guy I met before. I know this sounds so cliché and Henry thinks I am lying when I say this but it was love at first sight when I met Henry. I still remember to this very day, sitting at that dinner table, thinking to myself “he is going to be my husband one day!”

His intellect, his spirit, just everything about him moved me and made me feel like I’d known him for years. We, literally, stared in each others eyes the entire time we spoke. I felt so comfortable with him. After we left Flemings, we walked outside and John Legend and Marsha Ambrious were singing live a Pier 6! I feel like God really set up the perfect date for us. We listened to them sing all night until the show was over- perfect ending to an amazing night. The next day he asked to take me out again. From that day on, Henry and I realized that we had spent every single day together for the last 60 or so days. If I did not know it before, I knew then that he was someone I wanted to remain in my life. And here we are, two years later, planning the biggest day of our lives!

how they asked

Henry proposed to me on Sunday, May 22nd, 2016. That entire weekend was very weird to me. Henry told me a month in advance that we were going to a friend’s surprise birthday dinner. The surprise birthday dinner was at Morton’s steakhouse. Henry went out and purchased a brand new suit. He even suggested that we color coordinate. (Something we never do) I thought to myself that he was doing a whole lot for a birthday dinner. He bought me a new pair of shoes and new jewelry to match my dress. Because Henry was acting strange, I felt like something was up. Saturday night I thought to myself, “What is Henry up to?” So, I went to his friend’s Instagram page to see if it was really her birthday! No luck- her page was private. So, I decided, if it was a surprise, I didn’t want to spoil it so I stopped investigating and went to bed. Sunday morning we went to church. During service he was texting and trying to hide his phone screen! I knew something was up then! I just couldn’t put my finger on it.


Later that evening, we finally arrived at Morton’s. We pulled up to valet and his friend’s husband was rushing us, telling us to hurry along because the birthday girl would be pulling up any minute behind us. I rushed into Morton’s, up the steps and into the private banquet room and everyone yelled SURPRISE! I was so scared, shocked and nervous! For a moment, I did not notice my family, just our mutual friends! I was speechless! Then I saw pictures of Henry and I flashing on the television screens and our good friend was singing and playing the keyboard. I turned to my left and Henry was down on one knee asking me to marry him! I could not believe it! I said YES as tears rolled down my eyes and Henry placed the ring on my finger, which was shaking lol. Afterwards, I still could not believe it! The man of my dreams asked me to be his wife! The moment and the entire evening was so surreal! He got me real good!


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