Shalinie and Ameet

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How We Met

Ameet & I met in our 9th grade mathematics class. He sat directly behind me and my twin sister. He used to whisper things from behind to me to make me laugh–and he can still make me laugh till today! We became best friends and finally started dating in the 12th grade.

how they asked

On December 13th, 2015, I had plans to go skating with Ameet and his family. Ameet said he was on his way to pick me up, little did I know that that was the last text message I would receive from him all day!

At 1:00pm, the doorbell rang and I was surprised to see a beautiful Christmas box with a red rose and card addressed to me. I recognized Ameet’s writing immediately! With excitement, I opened the card and it read: “Put this on and be ready at 3pm sharp! I am going to take you on a journey of us”. I then opened the box and there was the most perfect dress and it fit like a glove, or Cinderella’s glass slipper!

At 3pm, I was ready and eagerly waiting by the door for my Prince’s arrival. The doorbell rang and when I opened the door, instead of seeing my Prince, I saw a stretch limo with my own personal driver and photographer! When I sat in the limo, my heart melted. The limo was decorated with Christmas motifs, had a basket filled with my favorite Tim Hortons cookies, sandwiches and coffee, as well as a bottle of champagne and wine! To top it off, there was an hour long slideshow of pictures from the last 7 years of our relationship and a CD playing my favorite Christmas songs that Ameet compiled! He knows me so well.

The limo took me to 9 different locations, each with significant meaning to the us. I felt like a queen as Ameet took me on a journey of several years that I never imagined I could re-live. At each location, there was a Christmas mailbox with an envelope inside.

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Each envelope had a Christmas card containing a picture of us at that moment in time and a handwritten note that said what Ameet thought about each of those special moments in our lives. I was ecstatic! To add even more excitement and fun for me, there was a burlap bag hanging from each mailbox that contained an ornament that related to that moment.

Stop #1 – High School; where we met.

Ornament – School Bus

Stop #2 – Costco; where we had our first kiss!

Ornament – Mistletoe

Stop #3 – High School Prom; where we had our first dance.

Ornament – Chandelier

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Stop #4 – Asian Wok N’ Roll; 1st Anniversary celebration dinner.

Ornament – Chinese Takeout Box

Stop #5 – The Sultan’s Tent; 3rd Anniversary celebration dinner.

Ornament – Arabian Lantern

Stop #6 – California Sandwiches; our favorite place to eat!

Ornament – Customized ornament w/ a picture of a California sandwich.

Stop #7 – University of Toronto; where we both attended post-secondary school.

Ornament – University Crest

Stop #8 – The Windsor Arms; where we spent a Valentine’s Day

Ornament – A Queen’s Crown

Stop #9 – The Old Mill; where we celebrated our 7th Anniversary w/ Afternoon Tea

Ornament – A Cup of Tea

During these stops, I tried to contact Ameet, but he did not reply to my text messages or answer my calls, he only wanted me to read the sentences he wrote in each card! I really wanted to share my excitement with him and was so curious to know when I would see him! Nonetheless, I enjoyed my time alone in the limo, singing along to my favorite Christmas songs, looking at beautiful pictures and enjoying my favorite treats!

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Stop number nine was a very special one. This particular card had something different written. It said “Follow the path to the bridge”. I immediately knew which bridge because, just a month ago, we had taken a picture on that same bridge to celebrate our 7th anniversary. As I walked towards the bridge, I walked on fresh rose petals and listened to Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud, a song that we both adore. I spotted my Prince, standing tall and handsome on the bridge, with a red rose in one hand, and a small box in the other. Ameet glowed among the several candles lit along the bridge. I approached him in tears of overwhelming happiness, and Ameet got down on one knee and asked, “Will you marry me”, and I replied, “YES! I will marry you a million times!”. We were on top of the moon!

After the most beautiful day in my life, I thought that our evening had finished, but in every great fairy tale, there is always an incredible ending. Ameet led me to a private dining room in the Old Mill, where we were greeted by our parents, sisters, brothers, and yet another mailbox with a card and an ornament of a diamond ring! Together, my new fiancé, myself, and our families ended the evening celebrating with a beautiful Christmas dinner.

The End.

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