Shalini and Rajin

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How We Met

It was love at first sight, at least for him! I was 15, going on 16, at my friend’s sweet-16 party. My fiancé saw me from across the dance floor but never actually talked to me. A couple of days later, my cousin told me that there is a boy that was at the party that wanted to get to know me. Of course, I had no idea who he was because I never met him. My cousin was his neighbor at the time and they were close, that’s how I got an idea of who he was. He messaged me on Myspace, yeah we’re that ancient, and I messaged him back. 10 years later, we’re engaged and ready to tie the knot!

How They Asked

So today started out as a pretty chill day, (literally chilly ) never thought it could get better! We went to the Palace of Fine Arts where we saw breathtaking views and took awesome photos. Shortly after we went to Pier 39 and had yummy seafood and doughnuts, also purchased some cool souvenirs. Then we got back to the hotel and I put on this lovely dress my fiancé picked out for me, he has great taste! I got outside the hotel hoping to find my fiancé, when I was led into this beautiful BMW, and it led me to the Palace of Fine Arts.

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When our day started you were my boyfriend, and at the end of our beautiful day, you became my fiancé. I walked into the middle of the Palace to see the love of my life surrounded by candles and random people. The violinist was playing some of my favorite Bollywood love songs. ? The songs playing were Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Pehli Nazar Mein, and Jab Koi Baat. When I got to the center of the palace my mind went blank, crying my eyes out while Raj was asking me to marry him. ?? And of course, I said yes!!!!! ??

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