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How We Met

We met through mutual high school friends in 2007 & we’ve been together ever since!
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how they asked

It was my 26th birthday & he asked me what I wanted to do for it, so I decided to go to Jack Daniels Bar & Grill. The only thing I told him was that I wanted cookie cake for my birthday (he knows I’m obsessed with cookie cake), so when he came to pick me up I didn’t see anything, I was bummed a little bit, but quickly got over it. It was a special time because both our parents were there, including my brother and my best friend. After we got finished dinner, Kendal said he was running to the bathroom and in all actuality he was running to his truck to get the cookie cake, he hid from me. But my face dropped when I seen him walk back in the restaurant with it. I wanted to open it up, but he told me to wait & I should’ve known right there something was up, but I was totally clueless to the idea. Me and my friend decided to go to the restroom, and she got a text from him saying it’s about to go down (I found this out after it happened), we go back to the table everyone starting singing happy birthday & after they finished I got to open my cake & there it was written on the cake, “WILL YOU MARRY ME?” I couldn’t believe it & after 8 years together, I am finally marrying the love of my life. The most amazing moment of that is that my dad was able to be present during our engagement (my dad just recently passed away) & Kendal reminds me so much of my dad!

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