Shaleigh and Rhys

Leading up to our 5 year anniversary he kept saying we are going to have a formal lunch & watch a show I wanted to watch I never mentioned wanting to watch a show but to this day it all makes sense why he was using the excuses haha. So we then ventured of to Sydney Harbour where he said we are going to get a water taxi around the harbour because lunch appointment isnt ready, we hop aboard the water taxi just looking around we then stop at an island called Clark Island, we got off and started walking towards a picnic but as as we were walking I noticed 4 chalkboards with 2 yellow roses at each, the chalkboards had messages written down. He then turned around say ‘Take the sheet off thats your present’ he then got down on one knee and said ‘will you marry me’ we also had the island to ourselves he had organised an event planner & hidden photographer to capture everything.

The ring he had hidden in the house for 6 months before proposing he got it custom made.

Where to Propose in Clark Island Sydney Australia

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Clark Island Sydney Australia