Shaka and Cale

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How We Met

He had to leave his home Colorado, USA to spend time in Guyana, South America due to work responsibilities. He went there for Three (3) months where he met me. He wanted to explore this strange country and I had no problem showing him my beautiful home country. He fell in love with my Country and with me!

how they asked

He had this sudden idea to go to see the eclipse, I was not interested, since I have seen a few eclipse in my life growing up in Guyana, South America. He was persistent, so I went along although we had to drive all the way from Colorado to Nebraska. After we waited for the full eclipse, it was so beautiful, one that I have never seen before. It got dark like the night and I was staring into the sky, after the sunlight came up he was on one knee and said ” I want this ring to be the first thing you see” He then ask will you marry me and I said “of course!!”

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