Shaina and David

How We Met

We actually met on Tinder. The first day we match we realized we were less than a mile away from each other. We decided to meet in person at the river walk. We walked for a bout a good 2-3 hours till we realized we got hungry. We later got food and drinks at a bar.

How They Asked

David luckily had a day off from work for a reward incentive at his job. He said that he would take me to work. I thought it was really sweet because, he did not have to wake up so early just to bring to work and even pick me up. I was able to leave early from work that day because it was the day before 4th of July. He picked me up and decided we get lunch. So we went to Olive Garden and I was so hungry I was soo excited to eat. I thought he must have eaten before we came because he did not finish his food although he usually takes some of it home when we go to Olive Garden anyway. Well after lunch we were listening to music and driving back to my house. He then said I would like to make a little stop, so I asked where and he said its a surprise. He usually gets me sweet stuff like candy or cake when he says that so I said Walgreens? and he said yep. We then passed Walgreens so I thought we were going to this bakery. Eventually we got to the place we first met which was still by the bakery lol. we went a walk and I noticed him on his phone and I was like um do we need to have a talk? I was so confused Why he was acting so weird!. He’s like no I’m sorry lets walk back and I said okay im sweating a lot its too hot lol. So we are walking towards the water and I see a butterfly. David always tells me this was his saving grace because I would have seen my sister recording. Im still not sure if she was behind a tree or not lol there a good amount of people passing on the trail that day. I thanked him for taking me back to the place we met. I was really touched plus we had a lot going on in our lives at the time it was great stress reliever. He then said to me “let me see your hand. Your finger looks bare” I snatched it away from him and said “no” out of disbelief because I knew what he was going to ask. I saw him reach in his pocket and he got on his knee and took my left hand and said my full name and asked that marry him. So many emotions were going through my head! It was like the world was going so fast! Before He could get up and also before he could give me the ring I gave him a hug and kiss. He put the ring on me after and got up. I was getting ready to walk back to the car and saw my sister recording the whole thing.

Special Thanks

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