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How We Met

My aunt had texted me on a Friday night a couple of days after my birthday, while she was out with her boyfriend at the time celebrating his birthday with a group of friends. Earlier that day, I had told her how I was giving up on trying to date and look for a guy. She texted me saying “Shaina I have the perfect guy for you here!” She and I were texting back and forth and she eventually texted me from Dan’s phone. He and I began talking, with simple getting to know each other questions. I felt bad because they were out as a group bowling and having drinks and I didn’t want to interrupt. At around 11:00 he had asked me if I wanted to go out sometime…I didn’t respond because I had fallen asleep. The next morning I woke up at 5 AM and saw his text and my stomach dropped. I thought I had blown it. Luckily, my aunt had told him I likely had fallen asleep and he responded back shortly after I had explained I feel asleep and would love to go out. From there, because of crazy snow storms, we had to reschedule our first date a couple of times, but were able to make it work. I ended up going to a beer and wine tasting fundraiser for a coworker’s son’s baseball team…I didn’t know him or anyone there but was so excited to get to meet him! It’s been magic ever since ☺️ After a few dates I knew that I found someone as quirky as I was!

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We are really into obstacle races and pushing ourselves. We signed up for a race called Rugged Maniac on a Sunday morning on a very busy weekend for us. I’m not by any means a great runner, but he stayed by my side the whole race, encouraged me, and helped me when I needed it. I was so confused when we got to the finish line and he began sprinting away from me. As soon as I approached the finish line he was waiting there on one knee with a gorgeous ring! He had been planning this for months with my best friend!
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