Shahara and Greg

How We Met

July 1st, 2010. That’s the day my life changed. I had been single for about 5 years and was just enjoying my time with friends, being young and having fun. On this particular day, my best friend Lauren and I were heading to the movies to see one of those Twilight movies, Eclipse maybe? Anyway, after the movie Lauren was going to sing karaoke at a restaurant/bar named Rivals. She asked if I wanted to go with her and I said no since I had other plans lined up for the night. Well, those plans ended up falling through. Lauren asked again if I wanted to go with her to karaoke. I said no because I was pretty bummed about my other plans being canceled, so I was just planning to take Lauren home and then go home myself. When we got to Lauren’s, she had one foot on the ground and was almost completely out of my car when I made the split-second decision to just go to karaoke with her. So we head to Rivals where we sit down with Lauren’s dad who is also a karaoke nut.

About a half hour later, Lauren nudges me and tells me her brother showed up and she wants to introduce me. It was an oddity that her brother would come out as his fiancée had passed away about 7 months earlier and he hadn’t been very social since. He also lived about 30 minutes away. So she introduces me to who I heard as “Brad”, only later to find out his name was Greg (it was loud in there!) He was super cute and shy. He said hello to me and then sat down. The only other thing he said to me that night was, “Do you know where Lauren went?” and I answered. I didn’t really think much of it because it was loud in there and impossible to have a conversation without yelling. The time came for Lauren and I to leave, so I waved goodbye and we left. About 2 days later Lauren told me a little fib that Greg thought I was cute and asked what I thought of him (he did, in fact, think I was cute but did not say that to Lauren until after she told him I thought he was cute and OK’d him to have my phone number, so she was slyly trying to play matchmaker). So I get a text from Greg the next day and we start talking. Then we’re arranging plans to hang out, and eventually plans for an official first date. I truly believe this was fate, considering I almost did not go to karaoke and Greg rarely came out at all. Fast forward 6 years…

how they asked

Every fall since 2011 Greg and I would go to the Montour Preserve, which is a stretch of land with wildlife, lots of trees, and a manmade lake in the middle. We have this tradition where we each have to catch a falling leaf or our relationship is doomed over the next year (I know, super corny). Well, on October 23rd, 2016 we headed up to the Preserve for our annual leaf catching afternoon. We each catch our leaf (hooray, we’re safe for another year!) and we head to the other side of the lake where there is a dock with benches that we like to sit on and just take in the view.

As we’re sitting there, Greg turns to me and says, “Are you happy?” I tell him of course, as we had just bought a house a few months back, we each have great jobs, and we had added 3 kitties to our family at that point. I ask him the same, is he happy? And he says, “Well, that depends on your answer to my next question” and with that he slides off the bench, gets down on one knee, pulls out a ring box, and asks me to marry him! Of course I said yes! It was just the kind of proposal I imagined from him, done at a location significant to our relationship and a location we will continue to visit for years to come.

Special Thanks

Tasha Puckey Photography