Shaelyn and Liam

How We Met

I met Liam in September 2014 when he was just starting college in my hometown. I was working part-time at a gym while going to college in another town nearby. It just so happened on the one day that I was running late to work, I walked in and found out I would be training the new guy — I wasn’t happy about this! By the end of our shift, I decided that maybe this guy wasn’t too bad and he was pretty funny and extremely easy to talk to. We continued working together throughout college, once we graduated we went our separate ways. Oh, how could I forget, we were both in long term relationships, so neither of us was interested in one another during this time. LOL! I moved up to Edmonton and Liam moved back to Calgary. A year later, Liam ended up moving to Edmonton because of work and we reconnected, this time we were both single! Our first “date” was at a local restaurant where we had drinks and talked for probably hours. I walked away from that night telling my best friend about what a great guy he is and so funny! He walked away telling his best friend that he’d probably never get another date with me. To his surprise, I sent him a message a couple of weeks later asking him to hang out with me. And the rest is history!

How They Asked

Liam planned a weekend getaway for us and our puppy (Baylor) in Banff. He booked us a hotel room at the Rimrock Hotel, which has the most stunning views to wake up to! We woke up on Saturday and planned to head out to Lake Minnewanka to take Baylor for a walk. We headed out on the lake and soon realized that we were in the middle of a blizzard! We started to head back to the shore and walk along with it. As I was looking out at the mountains, Liam was pulling the ring out of his pocket and getting down on one knee.

When I turned around our eyes met and neither of us could stop smiling. Liam proceeded to say “So… What do ya say?”, which I replied, “Well what are you asking me?” Finally, he asked me the one question I had been waiting for! I, of course, said yes! I turn out that Liam had hired a photographer (Chantal) who had captured the whole moment which made it all so special!

Shaelyn's Proposal in Lake Minniwanka Banff, Alberta Canada

Shaelyn and Liam's Engagement in Lake Minniwanka Banff, Alberta Canada

Where to Propose in Lake Minniwanka Banff, Alberta Canada

Special Thanks

Paisley Photography
 | Photographer