Shaelin and Evan

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We always talked about getting engaged, I always bugged him about it… every single day. “When are we getting engaged?”, “I just want to be your fiancé!”. Little did I know, the morning I sent those messages… well, I got my wish! About two weeks prior, well, one of my bestfriends is a photographer, working on her videography skills, so texted me asking me if she could take photos/videos of Evan and I for her portfolio she was building up for potential clientele. Naturally, I said yes. Any chance for professional pictures was awesome. So… the day of the photography session comes up, and we head to a mountainous terrain for a photo shoot. My friend had a couple locations for us spotted out, we started out at the first one just taking videos in some weeds, and it was fun, all of us (including my friend’s husband who is also her assistant) joking around and whatnot. When we got to our second shoot spot, my friend’s husband said he would just stay in the car because it was chilly, but eventually would look for a last spot to film. We’re almost done filming when she gets a text from her husband saying he found a perfect spot. So we start walking over, and as I am walking, I see roses sticking out of weeds, and just thinking, “well, that’s not normal.” As we got closer to this ‘spot’, I hear music, and I can tell it’s our song (The Bells by From Indian Lakes), and I see my friend’s husband crouched down with a camera in his hands filming Evan and I. Before I know it, Evan is pushing me to the middle of this heart made out of roses, and pops the question. It was so beautiful, intimate, and everything I could’ve ever wanted. I cannot wait to marry my soulmate.

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