Shaelie and Travis

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How We Met

-Serendipity- “The occurrence and development of events by chance, in a happy or beneficial way. ”

Meeting Travis Curt McBride was a fortune stroke of serendipity. We met 6 years ago as freshman in college. One night my roommates and I were playing “grown up truth or dare” (ridiculous freshman) and we were dared to go knock on a strangers door in the apartment complex and give a guy a free kiss. We had heard that the boys in Apartment 10 were decent looking so that’s where we went. Travis just happened to be the “lucky one” who opened the door, we all squealed and laughed as my roommate asked him if she could kiss him. After that, we all became friends, we did everything with the boys from Apartment 10, kinda like a small gang. Trav was always quiet and I was the obnoxiously loud freshman, who would ask him for help on the homework assignments from the class we had together. I would vent to him about boy problems and he would listen to my stories and was so patient with me. We became best friends, always with one another, going on walks, scooter rides, and one day Trav asked me out on a date…. I was so shocked I laughed right in his face and without hesitation said NO! That didn’t stop the persistent fella because a week later we went out for my friends birthday we got in a food fight and as he was smearing butter all over my face he grabbed me and planted a big fat kiss on my lips.

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That is all it took, we were inseparable and crazy about each other. Trav decided he wanted to serve a service mission for our church so for two years we lost touch. I went my separate way and he went his, I began dating other people and moved on with my life and interests. I traveled to china, went on service trips, lived the “no sleep wild life” and started dating someone else. Two years is a long time, but I never stopped wondering how trav was doing. I woke up one morning to a Email from Trav saying he was going to be coming home soon and hoped he could see me. My stomach dropped and I got dizzy i was flooded with all the memories……….but I had changed and so had he. Trav and I decided to just remain friends and I continued to date my new boyfriend while he began dating other girls. It was impossible to remain friends so it ended with you don’t talk to me and i wont talk to you. Timing is everything…..a year later, we were both single, I had graduated college, and my sister started dating Travs best friend (they are married now) and it practically forced us back together again. We owe them for giving us our second chance, we remembered why we loved each other in the first place we just needed time. I can confidently say it was sweet serendipity that brought us back together, and everyday when I am laughing or exploring him I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. What started out as a friendship, developed into our happily ever after.

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how they asked

I’ll be the first to admit I am the definition of Helpless Romantic, which is why when I watched Serendipity as a young girl I expected nothing less than a magical love story In New York City. They (the couple in the movie) meet by sweet serendipity and “clicked.” Years pass and due to fate, they finally meet in New York City on the Ice Skating rink and the rest is history. I was shooting for the stars being a girl from Utah…. until I met the man who would make my helpless romantic dreams come true. Travis (my fiancé) and I have loved each other for for over 6 years, and we have our own serendipity story to tell. Travis remembered from years back that my dream proposal was New York City at Christmas time, so he bought the tickets, invited my darling mother, my best friend who is a photographer and surprised me with the tickets to New York for Christmas. December 17th we arrived in New York and he got VIP tickets to the Rockefeller Ice Skating Rink…I was in complete shock and absolutely ecstatic.

We were laughing hysterically ice skating, when he slowed to a stop and got down on his knee…. in the middle of the ice rink with thousands watching, the beautiful tree in the background, and Christmas music playing softly, he asked me to be his wife.

Everyone was cheering and all I could focus on was his voice and wondering if this was REAL!!! If I could relive that moment over and over again I would. I struck gold with this man of mine, and I couldn’t be more blessed!!

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