Shady and Will

How We Met

We met at the local country bar in college. I went out with a few friends and saw him at the bar. I wanted to ask him to dance but he had a friend with him and had just ordered a drink so I waited and waited. After a while his friend walked off so I took my chance and asked him to dance. We hit it off the moment we hit the dance floor.

how they asked

We had planned to take pictures at our favorite beach, Lovers Key. We hiked out about 1/2 a mile to the point of the bay and set up the cameras to catch the sunset. He had the GoPro set up taking pictures continuously so we just got a few causal pictures of us dancing.

Proposal Ideas on the beach at the point of Lovers Key State Park, Estero, Florida.

I tried to get him to give me a piggy back ride and he kept saying no so I wanted it even more. He stopped and grabbed my hand and said “I have a better idea” and got down on one knee.