Shadan and David

How We Met

We got connected through work and were planning to set up a meeting to talk about potential job collaboration. After 7 months of talking, we met and fell in love instantly. Never got any job done though but got the best man in the world indeed.

Shadan's Proposal in Dubai

how they asked

We were on holiday in Dubai and David asked me if I got any fancy dress with me because apparently, his friend had invited us to a fancy event. He then showed me his friend’s message about our invitation so that I wouldn’t think about anything else and I didn’t because we were supposed to go on a trip with my family and he’d told me that he would talk to my dad about our future. So I never thought that anything to do with proposal would happen on our holiday.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Dubai

We got to the location at Anantara Hotel and they took us to the beach where he had organized a candlelight dinner and I was handed a flower bouquet. I was walking in front of him and I was wondering, “wow, such a beautiful event! But where is everyone else? And why do I have so many roses in my hand”? Then I turned around and I saw him on one knee, holding the most beautiful ring. It was so surreal and I couldn’t stop crying. A dream came true!

Special Thanks

Dayan Moradi
 | My brother helped David to organize everything and Kept it a secret