Shadae and Tay

How They Asked

In the summer of 2017, my parents were visiting the Chicago area on business & unknowingly he had contacted them and he met for lunch with the sole purpose of asking their blessings for my hand in marriage. Once I found out that transpired (after the proposal), I was impressed. I thought that might’ve been a lost art! He knew how important my circle was to me so he also had let my closest friends in on the secret, so most of my family & my best friends had known and held this secret in for five+ whole months!! I still can’t believe that all got past me without me having a clue!

I was set to graduate December 17, 2017. He flew down to Houston so that we could celebrate an early Christmas together and of course to attend my graduation. My family and my close friends had all come in town as well. Graduation day came & I am of course in hurry & making sure I stay on schedule so that I can be where I’m supposed to be on time. He on the other hand was not moving fast enough for me. He was listening to music, singing & dancing, washing dishes, sweeping the floor, straightening up as I messed up, etc. I was like, “Hurry babe & get dressed. We’ll do this later — I’m gonna be late!” We finally made it out the door, but not before I fussed at him AGAIN for lagging behind. “Go ahead and get in the car babe! I’m coming & you’re not going to be late!”, he said. Later I found out that he was trying to get my ring and the other items he needed for the proposal. (I apologized to him. Lol.) So graduation came and I walked across that stage to receive what was due to me…I could exhale. A major milestone in my life was completed. I was proud of myself and thankful to God for getting me through. I was emotional and hugging some of my classmates who knew my struggle along the way when my best friends Bryanna and Jessica came to find me because apparently I was taking too long to come out to my family. Lol. I was wondering where everyone else was and they told me everybody was in the lobby waiting on me. Ok, cool.

As I walked through the door, I see all of my family and friends so I walk towards them. I hugged my mom & bent down to hug my niece who was jumping up & down in excitement when she saw me. As I was hugging her I heard music start to play. The intro was familiar, I had heard it playing in the background on the phone with him before.

You’re the one I love, yeah
The queen of my heart
The light of my soul
You’re more precious
Than anything…”

It was the artist Kem’s song “It’s You”.

I stood up and had to do a double take as he was standing there holding poster board signs with words printed on each with my son standing next to him. I look around like “Somebody tell me what is happening?!” By this time, he had the attention of everybody in the event center lobby. Everybody including people I did not know had their phones out taking pictures, recording and screaming! “Are you serious right now?!”, I said in nervous disbelief. The music played and each board displayed words for me to read as he professed his love to me. I looked him in the eye and lipped, “Seriously babe?!” and the waterworks began. The last board displayed my name “Shadae Anjanique…” as he handed it off to my son he reached in his pocket to grab the ring box and began to walk toward me. I thought my heart was going to literally jump out of my chest. As he was walking toward me I was taking steps backwards like “No, no, no stay there!” Lol! I was still in shock! All I could say repeatedly was “OH MY GOD!, OH MY GOD!” A million and one thoughts ran through my head in those 5 seconds, “Is he really about to propose to me?! We haven’t even been together for a year?! Does he realize what he’s doing?! Did my family already know about this?! Why didn’t anyone tell me?!” Lol. *inner voice* Well, DUH, Shadae! HUSH girl and pay attention! Lol. When he swooped down on that knee (as my friend Chasity says lol) I just went limp. Oh this was really happening. Honestly, I have no idea what all he said to me down there! Lol! I saw his mouth moving but my eyesight was blurred with tears and all I could do was stare at him.

The “Will you marry me?” however was audible and I shook my head “Yes!” He slid the ring on my finger, stood up & I embraced my new FIANCÉ!! There I stood hooded in my cap & gown, an MBA graduate with a beautiful double halo princess cut diamond ring on my left ring finger and somebody’s FIANCÉE & future wife!!! To say the least, *in my Ice Cube voice* “That day was a good day!!” We continued the long distance relationship for seven more months then I joined him in Chicago in July 2017 to begin our happily ever after.

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