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How We Met

Steve and I met when we were 17, competing in an Armenian Youth Organization that held sporting competitions in different states. He played basketball for his Boston team and I ran track for my Detroit team. When we weren’t competing, we would stay up late and chat on AOL (dating myself here) and on the phone, until the next event. However, being a high school student was not conducive to maintaining a long distance relationship. Although we tried for 2 years, we knew it wasn’t possible for us then. During one of our last phone calls, Steve said, “let’s go to college… then we can get married after.” We laughed about it and ended it there. Six years later, I was applying to Psychology Ph.D. Programs and got an interview in Boston. I decided to celebrate with a drink at a local bar after. With a tap on the shoulder, I turned back to see Steve at the same bar. From then, it didn’t take long before the phone calls and messages resumed. He was convinced that I would choose Boston for school and that his hope of us in the future would align perfectly, however, it was my dream to be in California and that was what I chose. He understood this was something I had to do for me. Except, this time around, we were insistent on not missing another chance on us due to distance. Therefore, we spent the last 4 years flying across the country to visit one another. Needless to say, we slipped right back into our old way of loving but with a more mature flavor. I coped with feelings of missing him between visits by compiling videos of us from each trip to make “our video.”

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how they asked

On our 3-year anniversary, Steve surprised me with a trip to Martha’s Vineyard. Getting ready to go out for dinner that night, I exited the shower (in my bath robe and hair cap) to an anxious Steve, who immediately walked me to the balcony and handed me a glass of champagne. He then asked that we watch “our video.” As we watched and reminisced, his secret add on to the video began. He professed he knew he loved me since we were 17 and when my tribute completed he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him while I was still wearing my bathroom and hair cap!

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